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Constipation (also known as costiveness, dyschezia, and dyssynergic defaecation) refers to bowel movements that are ...
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Common Constipation treatments discussed around the web
Miralax 25,023 Laxative 20,906 Stool Softener 14,288
985,970 conversations around the web about Constipation to help you make a decision
985,970 conversations around the web about Constipation to help you make a decision
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Constipation & Swollen Ankles

0.97% of the posts that mention Swollen Ankles also mention Constipation (286 posts)
Swollen Ankles
We found 286 discussions
" ...swollen ankles. Constipation I control with high fibre diet. I only had minimal ...30 was not as effective in lowering my BP but at the moment I do a lot of cardio exercise which lowers my BP to... "

" Stella, I also had trouble with constipation and I found Miralax daily really helped. I had extreme fatigue ...not work. I had swelling in my ankles and feet and I took Lasix and kept them elevated... "

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" ...palpitations and my heart feels as if it is skipping a beat. I had depression and I still have fatigued. Sometimes my ankles swell a bit. I have this chronic pain over my left descending colon. I h... "

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" ...190! eek! Normally I'm around 145. BUT, it was after supper and I have been constipated. Plus, I had swollen ankles last night so I guess I'm retaining water. At least, that is how... "

" ...- bloating and constipation- have been on Ambien for over 2 I also have some swelling in my ankles too, which I... "

" ...I've been on Tarka it made me constipated, didn't lower my heart ...had a tickle in my throat, Toprol 100mg worked well but thinned my hair, Norvasc 2.5 made my ankles swell. What are the side e... "

" ...back on yours... a) Has anyone experienced leg and ankle swelling as a side effect of ...instant breakfast drinks? b) Has anyone experienced constipation from the same drinks? (I... "

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" ...God sent. I control the possible weight gain by watching ...1 mg of Klonopin daily. I also have the swelling in my ankles & feet but started ...I also have problems with constipation but not ... "

" ...too severe. I did get some ankle swelling but nothing else and I was on it for 4 years. Ferrous sulphate with me occasionally made me constipated and your stools are nearly... "

" but made it much worse. I also have swollen ankles, stomach, legs and lower back, with a slight rash on my stomach, i am also constipated. Please can anyone help? (... "

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