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Constipation (also known as costiveness, dyschezia, and dyssynergic defaecation) refers to bowel movements that are ...
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Common Constipation treatments discussed around the web
Miralax 24,821 Laxative 20,740 Stool Softener 14,200
978,993 conversations around the web about Constipation to help you make a decision
978,993 conversations around the web about Constipation to help you make a decision
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Constipation & Psoriatic Arthritis

0.2% of the posts that mention Psoriatic Arthritis also mention Constipation (53 posts)
Psoriatic Arthritis
We found 53 discussions
" ...isn't diverticulitos. I have a mixture of constipation and diarreha--which could be ...they told me it was IBS in the ...had. I have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, gallbladder removed and po... "

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" home..1leaving for college. My 9 year-old son has psoriatic arthritis and that's really how we found out he had 13 who has had severe constipation add bipolar ect ect which... "

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" ...that you have psoriatic arthritis - I ...constipation is horrible. I'd far rather be the other way :-) Good news on the colonoscopy - such a worry and I love the \"scanxiety\"!!!! Ive never hea... "

" ...femur neck I am already on Humira for psoriatic arthritis I have seen two ...I have trouble taking vitamins-especially calcium as it causes pain, bloating and constipation. My doc said hormo... "

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" ...He asked why I was on targin and I told him that it was for psoriatic arthritis and AS. He said that if it is working , which it is , I will probably stay on it long term. He said the problem I... "

" ...I get tired out really ...pain, but hte constipation is the biggest hurdle. I am on Lortabs and gradually reducing the amount I take. Was already on it PRN for my Psoriatic Arthritis, so need to... "

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" ...that I had to call my husband home and have him pick up an enema on the way. Thank God that it was a sunday and not a work day!!! You may think you will be fine with it but take extreme... "

" ...Ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis and one or ...I wish I was still on them to co codamol also makes me constipated. Horrid, full stuffed to the gunnells but take loadsa fybogel ... "

" ...psoriatic arthritis for about ten years,I am ...on targinact for the pain as tramadol made me badly constipated and I have ibs as do many people with fibro and arthritis. The main thing that has... "

" ...too bad today. I have psoriatic arthritis which began in my knees, ...and jaw. I take co-codamol 30/500 for every-day ...fine and I'm not addicted. Constipated occasionally but not hooked! ... "

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