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Conjunctivitis (also called pink eye or madras eye) refers to inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the ...
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Common Conjunctivitis treatments discussed around the web
Eye Drops 2,310 Brolene 143
26,225 conversations around the web about Conjunctivitis to help you make a decision
26,225 conversations around the web about Conjunctivitis to help you make a decision
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Conjunctivitis & Sinus Infections

1.35% of the posts that mention Conjunctivitis also mention Sinus Infections (353 posts)
Sinus Infections
We found 354 discussions
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" ...salt to treat Sinusitis? I have had a prolonged case of Conjunctivitis and Sinusitis (I think is the root problem) for about a month now, have... "

" Yes, I cured my sinus infections by flushing my sinuses with ...garlic and cheyenne pepper. I figured, if it can treat conjunctivitis, why not sinusitus? It totally... "

Post from
" treating conjunctivitis in my own eyes Anyone know how I can tea bags.( He got sidetracked talking about my severe sinus infection and ear infections, but that is another story!) Anyone... "

" ...a box. I have a sinus infection that was starting into bronchitis. I also have conjunctivitis and the beginnings of an ear infection. I'm on pill to of a zpack so feeling better. We'll see what... "

" ...It cleared up my sinus infection, but my eye ...She told me I had conjunctivitis even though my eye was no longer red or swollen and just blurry. She gave me eye drops, but they didn't help... "

Post from
" ...I posted yesterday about getting conjunctivitis a few days after beginning CPAP. I was treating a sinus infection with antibioics. I appreciate the feedback. One responder suggested... "

" ...gotten a lot better now after the dr prescribed antibiotic drops. She got conjunctivitis from her sinus infection. Hope your LO feels better soon and that you get your sleep back!... "

" right have been ill with tonsilitis and sinusitis and conjunctivitis for the last week, as havnt been in to lectures much. and have nothing to report really, had a really... "

Post from
" ...- for antibiotics for my sinusitis and Antibiotic eyedrops for my conjunctivitis and today - everything is ...every two hours and using panadol and cold compresses and... "

" ...hit with conjunctivitis in both eyes, a horrible ear infection, a sinus infection AND my asthma is flaring!!!!!! (despite being on prednisone 20mg daily!, my doctor was impressed! Lol) I feel... "

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