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(Respiratory tract congestion)
Common Congestion treatments discussed around the web
Sudafed 2,594 Tylenol 2,078 Benadryl 1,936
69,734 conversations around the web about Congestion to help you make a decision
69,734 conversations around the web about Congestion to help you make a decision
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Congestion & Red Eye

0.15% of the posts that mention Congestion also mention Red Eye (102 posts)
Red Eye
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Red Eye
We found 102 discussions
" ...cleasing w/ my neti pot. I had been instructed to do Kali Bich 30c thrice daily for 7 days but it has made my mucus unbearably thick. I have major congestion now w/ red eyes, my drip is... "

" ...since he has red eyes sometimes too, but the congestion started when I began to add milk formula and whole milk to his drinking(about 2 weeks). He's had yogurt and cheeses for several months, but... "

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" Just randomly got the worst congestion via allergies I think I've ...hits me harder than light congestion and mild red e... "

" ...old baby girl has a cold (runny nose, sneezing, cough, congestion, watery red eyes). I have been giving her infant tylenol every 4 hours and have started \"Little Remedies\" saline drops as well.... "

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" ...bottle of Patenol for my red eyes from allergies. I had to ...worked better too because it also cleared up the redness in my face and cleared up my congestion. I won't use it every day, but wh... "

" ...for bed last night I was feeling moderate congestion. I woke this morning with both eyes red.I crocheted Nolan a cap today. ...watching paint dry.ZZZZRob had a lot of trouble teething, and I us... "

" hydrated & keep any congestion thin & loose - last ...pollen really kicked up here, too, thankfully all I got were red eyes. This too, shall pass, & you'll be back in... "

" ...My poor C needed some zyrtec last night as the vog ...winds are southernly) kicked his butt and he had puffy red eyes and congestion. His meds don't wear off til 8:00 AM, so... "

" ...I have had sinus, and chest congestion for more than 2 weeks now, with a low energy level. I don't think it is allergies, no sneezing, or itchy/ red eyes. The doctor gave me a steroid shot and put ... "

" ...I'm concerned my 11-week-old ds has allergies. He has pretty bad congestion problems, especially at night (it wakes him up sometimes ...any other symptoms, and the red eyes suggest allergies to ... "

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