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(Respiratory tract congestion)
Common Congestion treatments discussed around the web
Sudafed 2,596 Tylenol 2,078 Benadryl 1,939
69,812 conversations around the web about Congestion to help you make a decision
69,812 conversations around the web about Congestion to help you make a decision
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Congestion & Panic Attacks

0.27% of the posts that mention Congestion also mention Panic Attacks (191 posts)
Panic Attacks
We found 191 discussions
" ...nasal spray habit and it really worked. It worked on the principle of diluting the spray more and more each time you used it, finally becoming free of it. Don't know the name of the product but yo... "

" ...Lexapro. While reinstatement has come to mind many times I'm still hanging tough. In the past month I've resumed counseling with my former psychologist and I have been trying to treat this cong... "

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" of course i got panic attacks too! Started taking zpack again, helped a little, went to doctor, she put me BACK on zpack. finished it a few days ago, was feeling better now i feel like... "

" ...from a sinus infection. Immediately my HA took over and I was sure my lungs were filling up with fluid. I was getting my panic attack symptoms and had to leave a shopping trip early. It... "

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" lungs? I have panic attacks and feel short of ...though. once i had really hard time breathing and doctor listened to lungs and i had alot of congesti... "

" ...panic attacks towards ...some actual congestion (I'm convinced allergy congestion and the baby pushing against my lungs were the triggers which caused the attacks) so the midwives recommended... "

" ...and I am sorry your having these panic attacks related to your breathing. I ...for or part of the panic attack. As far as your congestion, I feel your doing the... "

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" was because of taking pseudoephedrine (sudafed) for congestion. It kind of became a ...take sudafed for pregnancy-induced nasal congestion, have a panic attack, take more sudafed because of t... "

" ...and turning and having panic attacks every night. What is ...I was using 2 Benadryl per night to help fall asleep. Non addictive and most people have some congestion at night; it helps clear... "

" ...had no affect. sometimes i have a panic attack because its so bad i feel like i can't swallow! (suction-like feeling in the back of my throat) also sinus rinses only work if you can get air throug... "

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