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Shortness Of Breath

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Dyspnea ( also dyspnoea Latin language: dyspnoea Greek language: , d spnoia), shortness of breath ...
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Common Shortness Of Breath treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 5,634 Albuterol 3,935 Ventolin 2,323
832,016 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
832,016 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
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Concussion & Shortness Of Breath

We found 223 discussions
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" ...should go to the doctor. Having trouble breathing is nothing to mess around ...a rib or suffered a mild concussion if you struck your head.... "

" ...any brain damage from the concussion, but my blood's literally drained face and I feel short of breath after my phone call with... "

" ...can be linked to a concussion. My DS hit his head ...- are his pupils dilating and is he having a hard time breathing? Definitely call the doctor... "

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" ...the sore throat is a combination of dehydration and not being able to breathe out of my nose. But hey, at least I don't have a supposed concussion. After a few doses of... "

" ...having a hard time breathing, eyes roll back in with a severe concu... "

" If you have a concussion after practice, then either your men padding is shot ...biggest problem after practice is being worn out, having to catch my breath, , but once I recover, I'm... "

" ...laceration or was exposed to chemicals and is having breathing trouble, what is a chiro going to do? Even a fall that results in a concussion is beyond their scope. I... "

Post from
" ...and dizzy after the fight, in addition to having pain in his arm and having trouble breathing, so they decided to take him to the hospital ...I would think he probably just has a bad concussio... "

" ...diagnosed with a concussion. Other than a tolerate everything using Tylenol until last night. I am now having a hard time breathing and my chest (left side) is super painful. Could this be... "

" ...likely that i have a concussion, to sleep and drink lots that phonecall was on Thursday. yeah, i had trouble breathing on friday, good thing i had my inhaler with... "

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