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Commit Suicide

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(Completed suicide)
Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, "to kill oneself") is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death. ...
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182,848 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
182,848 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
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Commit Suicide & Plastic Bags

We found 20 discussions
" ...funny, People that try to commit suicide but fail. You must be ...she tried putting like 3 plastic bags over her head, all she did was pass out. And then she tried... "

" some lady attempting to commit suicide (i'm assuming.. why else would ...people throwing up... teens getting drunk and inspectors not caring... ...smoking... kids inhaling paint in pla... "

" ...of me accepting his death. I can not ...had been with pills and plastic bags...he also attempted to jump...but hanging??? ...his laptop was \"manly ways to commit suicide\"--- Miguel was not... "

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" someone to break into the room. The customer had bolted the door, then killed himself. Not sure of the method. If we had ...a beach resort and the usual plastic bags for wet swimsuits we... "

" My social anxiety got me expelled from ...been expelled for taking dumps in plastic bags and hiding it under your ...for Thanksgiving vacation and try to commit suicide and fail and post it... "

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" ...bags over their own heads when they commit suicide. Are... "

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" ...on walls to kill someone I also seen Patients commit suicide by hanging with bed sheets and also by garden hose and also by putting plastic bags over there heads because Of... "

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" ...And a reasonable person is supposed to believe he killed himself over this? If anything, you could say he was ...found the marijuana and small plastic bags on his person yet a... "

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" ...into custody after trying to commit suicide on a street in a ...into more than 10 pieces that were put into plastic bags inside a suitcase in a locker, but her head... "

" or stores stop using plastic bags. It ALL starts with individuals ...had such a grim outlook, why didn't he just commit suicide. His response was that regardless, he enjoyed the fight.... "

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