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Commit Suicide

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(Completed suicide)
Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, "to kill oneself") is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death. ...
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182,786 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
182,786 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
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Commit Suicide & Methadone

We found 167 discussions
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" Forget Methadone. It is the hardest opiate ...more. This is why most Methadone users to get off H commit suicide, because they feel there is... "

" ...more then 50. I'd rather commit suicide than go through methadone withdrawal AGAIN!. Your husband is very... "

" my partner swaped methadone for suboxone an he had been on it about 8-10mnths wen he killed himself wen i luk bak i can see his mentalty... "

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" Before I got on methadone I was taking 3 000mgs of morphine a day and I for pills just so they don't get sick.They are usually totally depressed by then and some even commit suicid... "

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" ...hard liqour. I always got the feeling he killed himself on purpose. And then my friends father died from overdose a few years ago, I guess I would actually consider him as a friend, just much older... "

" ...control, I'm on Methadone which works really with that! No thyroid problems (yet) tho' my grandfather did commit suicide due to undiagnosed Grave's Disease. Viokase (my digestive enzyme)... "

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" ...Junk ever! Thank god for methadone. I tried to commit suicide in a morphine WD once because it ...mild compared to SAO. No puking, no stomach upsets, no bad cramping, in my case. Just... "

" First of do NOT want to commit suicide. Life is GOOD....I promise. But when you are so sick for so long you do feel desperate. Do ...I also have been on methadone a long time and it... "

" say, but I have a friend that killed himself with a well-placed gun to ...which in this case, I imagine is vomit, that can be caused by many, many things. The methadone would have just made h... "

" Greetings, i been suffering with L1-L5 disc herniation/bulging & sciatic nerve pain UA!!!!I was on methadone 20mgs a day plus ...i was going to commit suicide!They stopped the Interferon.s... "

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