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Commit Suicide

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(Completed suicide)
Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, "to kill oneself") is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death. ...
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182,566 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
182,566 conversations around the web about Commit Suicide to help you make a decision
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Commit Suicide & Injections

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" ...friend of mine killed himself last thursday, he the hospital. We have had patients come in seeking treatment only to leave weeks later saying they are ok to then commit suicide. All you... "

" ...and AF senior officer. He shot his wife with a shotgun, ...or his wife's family. This violence-prone, hair-triggered temper, out of control Colonel should have just killed himself and made the w... "

" ...some suspended. - A guy killed himself in my grade ten year. - A sub teacher ...a teacher who was killed by her boyfriend. He shot her and there was also a teacher who died of cancer. "

" ...what happened here. Her husband shot her and killed himself. I just love how the... "

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" ...drink alcohol and then take heroin = death Had a friend commit suicide by injecting himself with a massive dose of insulin, that hurt... "

" ...of money in a mass hair order... her husband shot her and then killed himself... "

" ...His mother was a prominent state politician. Her husband shot her and then killed himself. The dad was suffering from cancer. It's just... "

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" ...Just got word that my cousin's husband killed himself last night. He shot himself in his parent's front yard. He'd been battling depression and had been drinking... "

" I have had friends commit suicide. They have shot themselves, electrcuted themselves, hung themselves, and gassed themselves with carbon monoxide. The end result was the same,... "

" a dude waving a gun in public having expressed his intent to commit suicide by cop. They could have shot him sooner in my book. /sincere. This is right... "

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