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coma is a state of unconsciousness, lasting more than 6 hours in which a person cannot be awakened, fails to respond normally to pain...
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226,565 conversations around the web about Coma to help you make a decision
226,565 conversations around the web about Coma to help you make a decision
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Coma & Pancreatic Cancer

0.27% of the posts that mention Pancreatic Cancer also mention Coma (148 posts)
Pancreatic Cancer
We found 148 discussions
" nearing death Cinderella. My FIL had pancreatic cancer and was in a coma near the end. He'd been friend who passed away. She too, was in a coma. I was getting ready to... "

" That's a tough one. My dad had pancreatic cancer and hospice kept him pretty drugged up - I'm ...water at one point, went into a coma, and was gone a few ...would sure beat being drugged out of ... "

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" Paul was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on an annual physical ( no treatment at his ...on 3 shifts and they are angels. He went into a coma one week later and died one week after that.... "

" ...spread to her brain. She was in so much pain, the morphine they were giving her kept being increased ...put her into a coma that she ...Aunt was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, too la... "

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" ...threatening to fail me, went into a coma chol hamoed pesach.. The entire class was informed that she infact has pancreatic cancer.. Sadly So we inherited a sub, which he's really... "

" ...pancreatic cancer back in 2000, only 6 months after she was diagnosed. ...I had just started university right before she passed away and wasn't able to make it home before she slipped into a com... "

" ...the muscles so well. My friend died of Pancreatic cancer a year ago, before I got so bad with this. I talked to the ...morning. Go figure!!! She went into a coma the next day,so didn\"t try... "

" ...struggle with chemo during his battle with pancreatic cancer. He was told his life ...right after. On Tuesday he was semi-comatose. No food, no water, no... "

" ...complexion. My father died from acute liver failure, he slipped into a coma after his ammonia levels sky rocketed, he actually appeared comfortable for the first time he was in the hospital. I... "

" ...a year ago- the average life span for inoperable pancreatic cancer is about four months from diagnosis, with only 3-4% of ever going into 'remission' a word generally not used ...going into a co... "

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