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Weight Gain

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(Weight increased)
Weight gain is an increase in body weight. This can be either an increase in muscle mass, Fat deposition, or excess fluids such as wat...
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Common Weight Gain treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 21,207 Deca 16,739 Topamax 8,756
6,532,328 conversations around the web about Weight Gain to help you make a decision
6,532,328 conversations around the web about Weight Gain to help you make a decision
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Colonoscopy & Weight Gain

We found 2,552 discussions
" Made it through the colonoscopy. Been really tired lately and I don't like it. ...doing anything today and know that I must. The only way I will get rid of the extra weight is to stay... "

" my last colonoscopy in May). I ...of course, diarrhea. On the other hand, my anemia is under control and I am gaining weight again. I also still experiencing arthritic pain which is concurren... "

" ...have to go into hospital tomorrow for a colonoscopy, so I've stopped taking IGF-1 from Monday-Thursday. I have noticed, increased vascularity, weight has gone up and a ...of being on IGF-1. O... "

" ...I need to have a colonoscopy every 5 years. I'm wondering if anyone has had a colonoscopy post banding and what kind ...with the ban? I know that getting rid of my extra weight would he... "

" ...seem so labor intensive. Stevie...just trying to prevent gaining any more weight than I already have. My ...gone down. I have a colonoscopy soon...hopefully it shows nothing is... "

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" HI everyone. Finally got rid of those extra lbs that showed up after the colonoscopy, and it put me in ...obviously set in, as I was out and about today and felt no cravings or hunger at all. As i... "

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" having the colonoscopy. The sooner you know what is going on the sooner you can start getting proper treatment. I've gained a lot of weight over the past drop the extra weight. The tr... "

" ...I am feeling good. I am going to start an exercise program today to start to get rid of the extra pounds that I gained the past need to get a colonoscopy since I have bad family... "

" yesterday: I hurt too much after a physio treatment the evening before to do any exercise and I just ate and ate and put on two pounds. Just as well ...relation to a colonoscopy?I love line ... "

" ...years ago. Admitted. Had colonoscopy. some nodules around the ...there. After 2years again colonoscopy done. Same conditon. He had gained the weight after the first... "

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