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Urticaria (from the Latin urtica, nettle (whence It. ortica, Sp. ortiga, Pg. urtiga, Fr. ortie) urere, to burn...
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Benadryl 20,505 Prednisone 5,447 Zyrtec 5,167
270,163 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
270,163 conversations around the web about Hives to help you make a decision
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Colonoscopy & Hives

We found 194 discussions
" ...hell. Anyway, after 4 months I finally got in to see my mast cell doc and he told me to take Tagamet - that it is an older, \"dirtier\" medication containing an H1, H2 and H3 blocker and it should... "

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" doctors for colonoscopy and blood tests ...whole body goes into a burning itch so ...of i.b.s stingy skin and nausea are symptoms that i want to get rid of somtimes i break into hives or ... "

" ...WBC count. Done colonoscopy. Have hives. What could it be? my 39 yr old sister has been sick for over a year now. she has terrible muscle and joint pain, tiredness, blood ...with huge hives all ... "

" ...bowel disease. The colonoscopy revealed it had ...allergy. He had broke out in the hives and we couldn't find a cause. The anti-histamines the specialist prescribed didn't help. The prednisone w... "

" ...My mother inlaw had hives for almost a year. the hospital including a colonoscopy and found colon cancer. Did surgery, no chemo, hives gone!! Wait til I tell... "

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" My son was allergic to Protein as an infant. He had to have a colonoscopy done at three weeks old. pain. He had hives throughout his intestine. Thankfully, ...worked!! He also had exce... "

" I read at IIWII just now you've got the hives too? No wonder with all the stress you're under ...that you are able to arrange to get the colonoscopy done in order for them to get to the... "

" ...the biopsies from your son's colonoscopies show Crohn's? Or Granulomas ? ...also went about an entire year with outbreaks of hives everywhere. She still has a... "

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" Re: Re: NCU colonoscopy Hi , I had a ...wasn't the cause of my hives, but antibiotics did help clear as well, so I took Cipro and that helped. Anyway.....hope your biopsies are... "

" ...and CRP. He had hives once when he was ...years. He also got migraines but not in the only sign. His doctor is ordering the IBD blood panel when we do the colonoscopy so maybe something... "

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