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(Herpes virus infection)
Herpes simplex (, lit. "creeping") is a viral disease caused by both Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). Infection...
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Valtrex 11,952 Acyclovir 5,447 Zovirax 1,315
325,620 conversations around the web about Herpes to help you make a decision
325,620 conversations around the web about Herpes to help you make a decision
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Colonoscopy & Herpes

We found 75 discussions
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" yeah a colonoscopy can show herpes especially in people that seem ...arent (rare) but some have sores on their cervix inside(inside... "

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" ...way I have contacted herpes . I have been married coming up to ten years now with only one HIV - partner. ...I have had chronic diarrhea . I have been worked up with a colonoscopy and endoscopy ... "

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" ...My wife tested postitive for herpes 1&2. She took both the ...came in contact with the herpes 2? Also can you contract herpes 2 from a Colonoscopy? This discussion is related to... "

" ...3 cycles of chemo and 25 rads. Has been under 10 for a year. Pattie O. I did not have herpes before the colonoscopy. I do not think it had anything to do with cleansing the scope I think it was... "

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" ...canadian pharmacys herpes of the mouth pics colonoscopy and valtrex contraindication sores ...hand herpes zos... "

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" ...I mean, a doctors office is going to bring up all kinds of interesting things to discuss..speculums, herpes, colonoscopies, polio (and why or why not you have given YOUR kid that vax), etc etc etc.... "

" comes to herpes. I've had doctors ...feel this after contracting herpes. Maybe if some if these doctors had to deal with herpes themselves they would sing about the colonoscopy thi... "

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" ...anal. Have you had a colonoscopy. Have you been tested for he... "

" ...Colonoscopy Hello everyone. I'm wondering do a colonoscopy. What are the chances of infecting the colon with herpes? Is it possible?... "

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" ...they diagnose you as having herpes ? I'm assuming that they did a colonoscopy at some point with all ...issues, the biopsy would've showed herpes if that was the caus... "

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