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Colon Cancer

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Colorectal cancer, commonly known as bowel cancer, is a cancer caused by uncontrolled cell growth (neoplasia), in the Colon (ana...
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115,139 conversations around the web about Colon Cancer to help you make a decision
115,139 conversations around the web about Colon Cancer to help you make a decision
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Colon Cancer & Iodine

We found 82 discussions
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" Iodine and Colon Cancer - Help! One of my friends has just been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Part of the gut was ...Any idea in how Iodine could help? Is ta... "

" ...old and took radioactive iodine..take armour thyroid. Type 2 diabetes about 36 yr ,(learned how to control with diet * colon cancer (about 40 yrs old) use Essiac Tea to just... "

" do chemo. Just the Iodine pill and 3 to 6 days hoping that it will be next week. My dad had colon cancer and it wasnt caught in time. Pulling for you... "

" ...add that selenium and iodine are generally woefully lacking ...metals, among other things. Selenium, in its better forms, helps prevent colon cancer dramatically. Iodine is somewhat blocked by... "

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" ...Colleen? The reason I am wondering is we have a friend fighting colon cancer right now and have got them to change the diet and add iodine ect (which is a miracle... "

" fears that I have colon cancer. Its a 3\" mass in ...colon. My CT scan was okay but since I have an allergy to iodine contrast, the surgeon is ordering an MRI just to... "

" ...cancer. Had radioactive iodine treatments twice. Now I'm fighting stage 4 colon cancer. My endocrinologist said that the radioactive iodine treatment may have caused my colon cancer because I... "

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" Finally some thyroid treatment I've been dealing with my colon cancer for the last year or ...june 30th. I have two large tumors in my left ...thing and give me irradiated iodine. I really don... "

Post from
" ...instead of CT (allergic to iodine) I just don't know. My ...would be the 1 year mark on the nodule and 3 years since the liver resection. I'm days under 6 years from my original Colon Cance... "

" ...alas he also has colon cancer. I know that any ...and the treatments (surgery, radioactive iodine treatments) are not what anyone comparison to that and colon cancer surgery and chemo. ... "

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