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colitis (plural colitides) refers to an inflammation of the colon (anatomy) and is often used to describe an inflammation of the large...
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Common Colitis treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 3,565 Asacol 2,328 Remicade 1,567
65,307 conversations around the web about Colitis to help you make a decision
65,307 conversations around the web about Colitis to help you make a decision
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Colitis & Gelatin

We found 25 discussions
" ...interesting since I've noticed my colitis has really improved since I started taking ...derived DHA in a non-gelatin capsule in the store ...and I find taking digestive enzymes before eating ... "

" ...It's gelatin therapy. The gelatin heals the intestinal lining. In the 1950s, my mum was fed jell-o to treat her daily bloody noses and it was the only thing that helped. Though for colitis... "

" ...that a friend of mine with crohns made her own soups ...digestible nutrients. They say the gelatin is good for easing inflammation of the colon. I've sworn off all wheat... "

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" ...wally or Walgreens...W/having colitis & gerd the stomach. I mainly take them for colitis & it has that well under control..Thank God every day for that. Also has low Magnesium in it.... "

" ...don't have crohn's, I have microscopic colitis, but I can get rashes ...I eat pork or pork gelatin. Hard to say for sure ...number of days avoiding the rash went away or in this case right n... "

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" ...18 mo there are other calcium and protein sources Both my kids have food protein induced colitis (which CMPI and SMPI falls ...yoghurt that has additives like thickners, gelatin, c... "

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"'s a quote about gelatin from Nourished Magazine: \"Gelatin acts first and foremost ...many intestinal disorders, including hyperacidity, colitis and Crohn's disease. Although gelatin is by ... "

" ...dairy for 3 years. (Cured my colitis/crohns eating that way.) Everything was ...few days, and lots of gelatin and coffee. I cut out ...I'm consuming a lot of gelatin now? I Again, I welcome... "

" I have microscopic colitis, another IBD, so this might ...and have found removing beef, gelatin and dairy, basically cow items ...would rest often, and have muscle pain. Now those problems seem... "

" ...I used to eat some gelatin,and thought it helped with the ...amounts if I can find it,gelatin is high in glycine.Old MikeIn ...really cut back on the coliti... "

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