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Colectomy + Disability

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Ask a question
52 conversations around the web about Colectomy + Disability to help you make a decision
52 conversations around the web about Colectomy + Disability to help you make a decision
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Colectomy & Disability

We found 52 discussions
" COLECTOMY - CODING ON HOSPITAL BILL DENIES PAYMENT Help!! I had a colectomy based on MSH2 HNPCC (Lynch Syndrome) and meeting all ...and I work (am on disability right now) for a non... "

" ...\"Patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) have higher rates of sick leave or disability pension than the general population, ...The study also revealed that colectomy does not fully restore... "

" ...At about 60 YO UC came back. Sent last 6 weeks of working on short term disability. I was horribly sick and anemic when we ...from downstate to up north. Colectomy a year later. But here... "

" ...and PSC. Myself, I had UC for 15 years, then early stages of colon cancer, had a full colectomy, then PSC, then bile duct ...and today I am medically disabled. I only tell you this... "

" ...Why did you have a colectomy? What is the condition of ...back. Since you are having problems with adrenal fatigue I also assume you've ...that you do file for disability and also that you go... "

" ...seem to stop you getting colitis but perhaps it helps as she is intellectually disabled. I'm struggling a bit with ...we are desperate to avoida colectomy so may be worth the... "

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" ...receive social security Disability. I am about ...receiving it for the pain I was in and the medication ...from the need for disability. July 21, 2007 - Subtotal Colectomy w/ end Iliostomy-... "

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" ...about your son. My daughter developed UC in High School. to have a colectomy and Jpouch surgery. So far she's had the colectomy. Jpouch surgery will be ...there is a Disability Act... "

" ...'most' people. With your colectomy, do you have a ...Most adults who have a colectomy (without a bag) have incontinence ...(I'm presuming you're from there), disability is hard work and req... "

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" ...bills. He was found to have stage 4 cancer at age 21, ...lung re-sections, a liver re-section, colectomy, several hernia repairs, years ...was never-ending. He was denied disability the first... "

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