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Other names: Zinc
Method of use: Lozenge, Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
Zinc gluconate (also called zincum gluconium) is the zinc salt (chemistry) of gluconic acid. It is an ionic bond chemical compoun...
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Cold-Eeze & Mucinex

We found 23 discussions
" ...but I'm taking Cold Eeze so it isn't ...good. Thankfully, between the Mucinex and the Cold Eeze, I feel pretty good. I caught it... "

" Zycam or Cold-Eeze have helped me a lot. The last was gone. And Mucinex when it reach... "

" It just hit me this morning. The Cold Eeze seems to work the best for me along with mucinex and hot toddies. Nyquil makes me hyper so I... "

" ...late to this party, but Mucinex is awesome. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Zicam or Cold-eeze. I've got a cold coming on, I've been doing the zicam nasal and throat spray... "

" ...fever. I found some Mucinex but it expired in and get some. Getting a slight cough. I think I would be much worse without the Cold Eeze I'm on now. Char, you ROCK!!!!!! Robb... "

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" ...did to cure themselves. With our experience, we used a lot of \"Cold-Eeze\" and \"Mucinex\" with plenty of fluids. It lasted about 1 month... "

" fairly SAD as the fat just isn't comforting to me whatsoever. I'm hoping that by taking Cold Eeze, mucinex and hot toddies(after work, of course) I'll be back to normal... "

" ...take cold-eeze zinc lozenges, kept me from colds for ...week, when nothing helped except mucinex, lasted a week. Stil... "

" and Wayne and family too. I'm trying to fight the crud, have Cold Eeze and found the Mucinex but it expired in 2011. Guess I had better get to Publix later... "

" ...thru tomorrow and friday; pseudophredrine, cold eeze, vit c, mucinex (although im on the fence ...nasal spray! I usually wont touch nasal spray or pseudophedrine but im... "

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