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Cold Sores

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(Herpes Labialis Disease Finding)
Herpes labialis or "orolabial herpes" is an infection of the lip by herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). An outbreak typically causes small b...
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Common Cold Sores treatments discussed around the web
Valtrex 3,703 Abreva 2,756 Zovirax 2,307
103,443 conversations around the web about Cold Sores to help you make a decision
103,443 conversations around the web about Cold Sores to help you make a decision
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Cold Sores & Silver Nitrate

We found 15 discussions
" ...same virus that causes cold sores), canker sores are inside ...demonstrably affect the course of cold sores. Yes, I have an \"emergency\" ...have a massive outbreak of cold sores or canker s... "

" ...turns out I am not healed completly. Needed more silver nitrate. Went to my regular doc last night, they found I was running a fever, sore throat and had elevated white count. The doc gave... "

" ...silver nitrate sticks DO hurt, but ...I type this I have two cold sores though! Both in the right corner of my mouth - one upper lip, the other on the lower lip! I use Denavir on my cold sores... "

" ...and I also get cold sores. One time my Dr put on something like silver nitrate to help them go ...a homeopathic drug for cold sore by Hyland. It was ...I swear I had a lot less pain. I h... "

" ...had them (or cold sores) in my entire life before my Fibro and UC ...burn them out with silver nitrate (?) sticks. Kind of painful but it got rid of them and I only ended up with pain for 2 or... "

" Are you sure they are canker sores and not irritation caused ...a nurse painted it with silver nitrate and I thought I would ...for. Someone earlier was saying cold sores and canker sores are t... "

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" Are silver nitrate sticks legal to use without If its HSV-1 (viral cold sore), rubbing toothpaste on it will ...doc may recommend to start a B12 supplementation at night before... "

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" ...that far. They make your ears ache, give you a fever ...can reach. Thanks for the Silver Nitrate idea. I am going to ...alittle but is really for cold sores not canker sores. And no... "

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" Some dentist use Silver Nitrate to clear-up oral ulcer/cold sores. Burns like Heck but works ...good too, if you notice cold-sore medicines have this as the... "

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" ...ever burn them off with silver nitrate amymore? That is what they ...young. Dr burned a giant cold sore off my lip w it... "

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