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Cold Sores

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(Herpes Labialis Disease Finding)
Herpes labialis or "orolabial herpes" is an infection of the lip by herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). An outbreak typically causes small b...
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Common Cold Sores treatments discussed around the web
Valtrex 3,703 Abreva 2,758 Zovirax 2,309
103,488 conversations around the web about Cold Sores to help you make a decision
103,488 conversations around the web about Cold Sores to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Cold Sores

Cold Sores & Peppermint Oil

We found 31 discussions
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" ...but since I wasn't sure of the safety, I used a couple drops of tea tree oil, a couple drops of peppermint oil and about a tablespoon of coconut oil. I purchased the oils on Amazon. Hope you... "

" have a resistant strain.Apparently peppermint oil works on resistant herpes.I actually ...for 15 years now.Still get cold sores though but only if in ...pretty sure i,ve had encephalitis.... "

" ...For Treating Cold Sores I just got rid of a cold sore in one day with ...and coconut oil. Peppermint oil alone may kill now healing. I got rid of about three large cold sores with one... "

" ...It's been almost 2 and a half years since my last cold sore. And it returned with a I am trying peppermint oil, known for antiviral properties. If you get cold sores, how do you treat... "

" Jennifer - I have suffered with cold sores my whole life, I found ...a treat I have had cold sores nearly every month since being ...hrs!!! You can also try peppermint oil applied directly to th... "

" w/ the improved skin as an unexpected benefit...& always drink lots's a pink gel that's peppermint oil & licorice root. it also works great for shingles, cold sores, bug bites ... "

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" Peppermint oil kills the herpes virus on ...sensation that generally precedes a cold sore, just apply straight peppermint oil to the spot a few ...I would put the peppermint oil on anyway, but I... "

" ...make my cold sores worse. The only two things I know for sure work (and super fast) are prescription, so I don't use them while pregnant or breastfeeding. At a tingle popping 3 Valtrex will prevent... "

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" ...are some things we have tried for mouth sores, granulated alum ( not ...rinse. The basic ing. is peppermint oil but it is diluted in ...of the nasty stuff For cold sores I use camphor pheniq... "

" Cold sore and meningitis? Not really sure ...would go I have had cold sores for as long as I ...have literally tried everything (including peppermint oil) that normally helps my headaches.... "

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