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Cold Sores

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(Herpes Labialis Disease Finding)
Herpes labialis or "orolabial herpes" is an infection of the lip by herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). An outbreak typically causes small b...
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Common Cold Sores treatments discussed around the web
Valtrex 3,742 Abreva 2,767 Zovirax 2,317
104,118 conversations around the web about Cold Sores to help you make a decision
104,118 conversations around the web about Cold Sores to help you make a decision
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Cold Sores & Liver Disease

0.03% of the posts that mention Liver Disease also mention Cold Sores (27 posts)
Liver Disease
Cold Sores
We found 27 discussions
Post from
" ...months ago I started getting reocurring cold sores around my tounge and felt was also diagnosed with liver disease the same time with hand! Haven't had liver problems for many yea... "

" this? I know some use DMSO for other purposes like treating cold sores. But hair ...can not live without our liver.,,,,,, we will worry about the hair on our legs later.... "

" ...first time in 7 years of researching and reading thyroid boards that I've heard of someone develop liver problems, so I'm curious...if you don't ...if they get a fever, sore throat or yellowing ... "

" ...cold sore was all I needed to stop getting them through stress. Of course I still have to be really careful and put high SPF on in sun etc but my obs have gone from 2 a month to 3-4 a year and I a... "

Post from
" have the other breakout issues. Anyway, I have been running across info on cold sores and canker sores as a sign of liver issues, immune issues, etc. It looks like a lot of... "

" ...diagnosed early 06 and late 06 I was diagnosed with liver disease, so all meds are out the door. Though I ...I am under attack of cold sores and am trying to find... "

" ...St. Joan's Oil for his cold sores. I hear that Yarrow tincture ...He isn't on any medications but he does have liver problems so I will be researching all the herbs extensively... "

Post from
" ...was my wake up time. ever since I've had serious candia and cold sore flare up. It's been like 4 weeks since then now. ...I don't have any diagnosed liver problems, but I always suspect my... "

" ...base medication). ???NFS cold sore relief to help ease the many cold sores I seem to the cold sores (just started ...levels. I had tried plaquenil before the liver disease was discover... "

Post from
" ...develops symptoms of liver problems instead of ordering tests. Dark urine, yellowing skin/ eyes, fever, sore throat are symptoms. ...he had only seen liver issues once or twice in his 12 years ... "

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