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Cold Extremities

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(Peripheral coldness)
1,537 conversations around the web about Cold Extremities to help you make a decision
1,537 conversations around the web about Cold Extremities to help you make a decision
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Cold Extremities & Hyperthyroidism

1.24% of the posts that mention Cold Extremities also mention Hyperthyroidism (19 posts)
Cold Extremities
We found 19 discussions
" ...overload I took Alprim a ...unbalanced with the sulphur content of this drug, giving me stinging eyes, headache, over active thyroid and pains in hands and feet and I no longer have col... "

" I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism in 1999 at ...symptoms, dry skin, always tired,and cold extremities. It is funny because,when i and tell i have hyper, which is not the... "

" ...check for antibodies) you go hyper then hypo until your thyroid ...your temperature may vary and be \"normal\". If you have cold extremities (hands/feet) that are really cold on a frequent basi... "

" ...can speak to my experience regarding cold extremities, however, and mine are ...normal or even to a hyper condition (if the dose is too high). Are there variants of Hashi's where patients are h "

" ...which affects vasodilation and causes cold extremities. I get it. My father the past 2 years that I was hyperthyroid and did not know it ...acid to tell me I was hungry (no growling) ... "

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" ...and symptoms don't point to hyperthyroidism, the doctor will most likely ...and see how i feel then. My major symptom is cold extremities and some facial swelling. My original TSH was 4.8.... "

" ...hyperthyroid. AKA graves disease, especially with the cold extremities. And you have... "

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" Hyperthyroidism. Roger :-) Kim Dellanzo wrote: ...Has she lost weight had skin changes hair loss? Kim From: Reply- To: ...S & S for the cold extremities? CNS S & S? Foreign... "

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" ...long standing sinusitis and cold extremities successfully treated too by previous practitioner. She is clinically euthyroid and has no symptoms of hyperthyroidism. mild irritable bowel,... "

" ...digestive system, causing cold extremities. And blood sugar ...throat constrictions are not typical of reactive hypoglycemia. The symptoms you ...they reflect both hyperthyroidism and hypot... "

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