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Cognitive Impairment

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(Impaired cognition)
Cognitive dysfunction (or brain fog) is defined as unusually poor mental function, associated with confusion, forgetfulness and ...
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Common Cognitive Impairment treatments discussed around the web
Ritalin 45 Amantadine 19 Daytrana 15
11,822 conversations around the web about Cognitive Impairment to help you make a decision
11,822 conversations around the web about Cognitive Impairment to help you make a decision
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Cognitive Impairment & Disinhibition

0.77% of the posts that mention Disinhibition also mention Cognitive Impairment (19 posts)
Cognitive Impairment
We found 19 discussions
" ...benzodiazepine use has been associated with cognitive impairment, memory loss(permanent in ...impairment, withdrawal syndrome, disinhibition, depression. If you ...three years( '91-'94), the ... "

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" ...after I was prescribed Klonopin and it put ...again, in conjunction with severe cognitive impairment. At least I've been clean ...severe thanks to my drug-induced disinhibition and a sense o... "

" Quote: I was exaggerating quite a bit, but benzos will always tend towards disinhibition and cognitive impairment. Depending on dose, it might be so minor as to be unnoticeable, or... "

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" ...getting high. In fact disinhibition was noted at this ...noon and I'm feeling a touch groggy but nothing crazy. etizolam, clonazepam has very minimal cognitive impairment, minimal muscu... "

" ...the effect to low dose benzo but without the cognitive impairment or disinhibition. My question is this: Because this drug is a ...are contraindicted? I presently take Wellbutrin but would like ... "

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" ...of people took more (or less)..its variable. Just try to avoid sedation, noticeable cognitive impairment, and disinhibition (all of these are more likely at higher doses). Docs have been weird... "

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" ...Microcircuit Dysfunction to Cognitive Impairment: Effects of Disinhibition Associated with Schizophrenia in ...we incorporated synaptic disinhibition, via N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor... "

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" ...Sedation, disinhibition, cognitive impairment Opiates:... "

", if the OP is sufficiently sensitive to ethanol-induced disinhibition then he or she should change his or her ingestion of an unknown cognitive impairment assistant. That is, if... "

" ...debilitating symptoms such as cognitive impairment, lack of organization/planning, flat ...Other \"frontal\" symptoms include impulsivity, disinhibition, inability to maintain attention,... "

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