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Codeine or 3-methylmorphine (a natural isomer of methylated morphine, the other being the semi-synthetic heterocodeine) is an op...
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Codeine for Pain
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Lisa Boyd Lawson
I was diagnosedwith carpal tunnel 17 years ago. It comes and goes. For past 2 weeks, I've been wakened with both hands, from fingertips to elbows, with pain, stiffness, swelling and as if my arms/hands have fallen to sleep. It takes a couple of hours to get complete feeling back. Right side always worse than left. Then throughout the day, the tingeling, stiffness and hands trying to fall asleep happens multiple times. If I'm trying to cook or simply brush my hair or teeth, it makes it 100 times worse. Is my CT simply getting worse, or could this be something more? The braces no longer work either. I did have severe nerve damage to the spine, along with failed back surgery and have been trying different medicines. Could the pain meds have anything to do with the severity of issues I'm having with my hands?

Oral morphine and codeine
Can you take codeine for breakthrough pai when taking oral morphine

Sleepless in Bristol
Having major issues sleeping!!!! Maybe (if I was lucky) I had 1-1.5 hours sleep last night, today was out at a play/theme park walking all day with two children. Took my VERY LAST zopiclone tablet, didn't work, followed with 2 x co-codamol, 1 codine and 1 nytol which still didn't help so I've taken another and have some hot milk .... my mind simply will not switch off and I can't keep being sleep deprived with a 10 and 5 year old to look after - I just wanna cry (bur can't as I'm too exhausted!) Any suggestions out there??? I have one dyasapam in the cupboard (this has never been prescribed to me personally tho!) Pleeeeease help!!!

I'm addicted to benlyn with codein I'm a diabetic my sugars are high I constantly have bladder problems and Virginial itching
April 10, 2015
Please help

markus h
codiene addiction
i am 63 years old and due to driving heavy trucks and playing football aussie rules, i developed many painfull injuries, the doctors in there wisdom put me on panadiene forte, i was on them for 4 years, and one day decided enough was enough, so i stopped taking them, boy what a shock i got. my body felt like i was dying, i was so ill the doctors put me back on them, i have never felt so ill in my life, not knowing how addictive they were, i told the doctors i wanted to stop taking the bloody things, and they said to me you will have to be weaned off them slowly, i did that off my own bat, but i never ever thought it would be so hard to stop them, they would have to be the most disscusting drug you could ever take, i went through withdrawals so bad i realy thought i would die, my wife hurt her back at work very badly, and the doctor put her on them, i took her back and told the quack she was not going to take them, he went bananas at us both, and said well if you don't take the medications i have given you, then you will have to find another doctor, i told him what i went through with the codiene, but it made no difference to him at all, they are the worst pain tablets i have ever been involved with, and i was not going to see my wife go through the same thing as i had to, with me the doctor sent me to a pain managment doctor, who put me on anamorph 30mg tablets, 3 times a day, and believe me or not i had no problems with them, i could stop taking them without any withdrawals at all, i told the specialist this, but he didn't believe me, so i said don't prescribe me any for a week or two and i will prove it, well he was stunned at what happened, no withdrawals or being sick whatsoever, so i stayed on them, and have been for 3 years now, and i can stop taking them at anytime without being ill, some or most people won't believe this story but i can prove it by just stopping them. if i can handle my pain i just don't take the Anamorph tablets to every ones dissmay, and if anyone doesn't believe me i will show them first hand, and it is the same with pethidine injections and tablets as well, as they say BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but it's all true.

Achilles' tendonitis
Severe Achilles tendonitis for over 12 months. I am seeing a physio and taking coedine painkillers on doctors advice quite regularly. Stop the coedine for 2 weeks and it near on disappeared. After 12 months of pain. Yee haaj. Just took 4 coedine tonight and BINGO. Back again in all it's swollen glory. It took all but half an hour. The time it takes for the coedine to kick in. KEEP AWAY FROM COEDINE. It is somehow linked and the cause of the tendonitis. I will check in in a month and tell you all if it is completely healed. Go figure.

Temazepam taken with Codeine
The advice is don't mix them. temazepam is a benzodiazepine, codeine is an opiate, and they don't always like each other.

Had to find out about this last week, Iam an insomniac that boke a couple of ribs !!!!!!
Working Man
May 7, 2014
When taking a benzodiazepine with codeine, cut back on the benzo dose. I regularly take 90 mg. codeine with 5 mg. Valium (which metabolizes to temazepam in the body) -- in the morning before work. I definitely wouldn't go any higher than 5 mg. on the Valium though. Unfortunately so many of these young cowboy knuckleheads take stiff doses of benzos and opiates both at the same time, then gripe that the combo is bad, or sent them to the e.r. You got to have a chemist's mind: substituents in just

Expired bromazepam (lexaurin)
I used some methamphetamine yesterday afternoon for efficient studying and wanted to help my self out with the comedown by having some bromazepam at 4 am but it didn't do anything with me. I took a higher dosage after a couple of hoers and then again a half a pill and nothing is happening. I then found out the pills are 4 years expired. Now I'm wondering if it would be safe for me to take codeine to get me to sleep, or if there's a chance that the bromazepam might kick in (though i doubt it, it's been long since i've taken it). Does anon have any experience with expired benzo's ?

peter mather
wots the best
suffer from pgp have taken codeine but still in pain and...
" ...cant sleep due to having period type cramp and dead leg I ...also suffer from pgp have taken codeine but... "

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