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Cod Liver Oil + Heating Pad

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14 conversations around the web about Cod Liver Oil + Heating Pad to help you make a decision
14 conversations around the web about Cod Liver Oil + Heating Pad to help you make a decision
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Cod Liver Oil & Heating Pad

We found 14 discussions
" ...days in bed with a heating pad, horrible migraines, intense pain. I have started taking zija (an herbal supplement), fish oil, vitamins a&d. I am trying to avoid a hysterectomy if at... "

" ...induce labor with my second child. Mine was with cod liver oil. It worked, but oooooooh the side effects! A heating pad set on low might help your achy tummy. Mine... "

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" use a heating pad. Moist heat is best. I also take Cod Liver Oil regularly. I haven't had any heavy bleeding episodes or clotting at all since adding Cod Liver Oil. My sister experienced... "

" ...many of you I have Raynauds issues all year long. ...tip. I'm going to give cod liver oil a try (who would have ...around with gloves or a heating pad on in the summer! Hugs,... "

" ...cloth and soak it with cod liver oil. Cover with plastic wrap. Place on sore area andplace hot water bottle or heating pad, etc. Its amazing. Later put it in a zip... "

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" ...been taking cod liver oil a long time. I've tried magnesium, my body sincerely dislikes it, so that's not an option. I saw no change in my cycle, ...I use the advil/heating pad regimen. Anyone e... "

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" ...said it was really expensive) and then to put cod liver oil on a piece of flannel place it over the liver with heating pad on top (turned on low... "

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" ...lots of water, take Prelief before eating or ...thing to alkalize your body, heating pad, hot bath, search the web, trying grapefruit seed extract, cod liver oil, and quercetin. Usually... "

" ...bought), also castor oil/macadamia oil (the latest rearly) heating pad (every second day) and exfoliating with glycolic peel (20%) ...I can. Orally I take cod liver oil, some MSM pills, Vit B,... "

" ...Donna, I live for my heating pad every night, and the sauna I actually drape the heating pad over my chair when I'm ...bad, and I am taking loads of Cod liver oil tabs. Night agai... "

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