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Coconut Oil + Radiation Therapy

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34 conversations around the web about Coconut Oil + Radiation Therapy to help you make a decision
34 conversations around the web about Coconut Oil + Radiation Therapy to help you make a decision
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Coconut Oil & Radiation Therapy

We found 34 discussions
" ...cell growth. I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma stage 4 in 1997. did chemo,radiation therapy and surgery, (recovered) until 2003 ...using MMJ in edibles, coconut oil ,and glycerine capsu... "

" ...oil? May work better than coconut oil? Will perhaps give that a father. He was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the right maxillary ...month. He also had radiotherapy which fi... "

" ...redness, soreness and itching was coconut oil. I bought some in a shop - organic, virgin coconut oil which is white and solid ...dry.) I did ring the radiotherapy dept first to chec... "

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" I had radiotherapy also, along with surgery. I use plain old coconut oil that you buy in your ...the skin......I also have arm lymphoedema so I have ...was badly effected by radiotherapy. I feel... "

" ...- my coworker was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 5 years ago. She had surgery, chemo, and radiation therapy and she made up her I gave her some pure coconut oil to use which she... "

" ...I was told by my center not to use coconut oil because it has tendency of acting like a suntan well with all of you ladies going through Radiation Therap... "

" ...against bio-oil and used organic coconut oil which I use as a ...I also used it after radiotherapy as soon as I was allowed to switch from what they aqueous cream they insisted I used.... "

" ...says EUCERIN. But I have AquaPhor, as well as Miaderm ...Amazon) which is specifically for radiation therapy skin issues. I also have ...also already use organic virgin coconut oil & vitami... "

" ...who is undergoing radiation therapy right now, and ...good for her skin? Coconut oil? Aloe? Vit E? And what in particular might help uplift her during and after her treatments? Of course E4H... "

" ...I agree with Lilac, Coconut Oil!!! Ive used it for ...for radiation burns from her chemo-radiation therapy. I wish she didnt do ...take the chemo, atleast the coconut oil heals her burns!!! I... "

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