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Poliomyelitis, often called polio or infantile paralysis, is an acute virus (biology) infectious disease spread from perso...
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Common Polio treatments discussed around the web
Pediarix 197 Pentacel 191 Poliovirus Vaccine 75
83,097 conversations around the web about Polio to help you make a decision
83,097 conversations around the web about Polio to help you make a decision
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Coconut Oil & Polio

We found 11 discussions
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" My uncle has polio. He caught it just a ...came out. If you think polio or any of the other ...think measles or pertussis is no biggie and that coconut oil and raw foods can protect you against ... "

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" ...Common table salt Boiling water Coconut oil I clean and sterilize and ...enough to remember classmates getting polio quite with alarming frequency. We ...away. I never saw polio again until ... "

Post from
" ...from coconut oil, is ...concept? My son has HHV6 elevated titers... Thanks much, Chris Chris, Monolaurin has been found to be effective in ...such as polio, coxsakie, rotav... "

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" ...FIL's business partner was just diagnosed w/ swine flu. According to MIL, they ...vaxes to that point, including polio, but NOT MMR. My other ...foods. I have HVCLO and coconut oil on hand... "

" ...Well Uncle Bill's No Nonsense Coconut Oil is quite a hit!! My friend with polio still loves the way it ...slowly working on my skin cancer spots, so i ...haven't heard from my cancer group fr... "

" ...area? can you help please. I am also trying coconut oil of which of which I have seen excellent reviews, ...if we still have some polio type's lurking could be very... "

" ...improvements could be had with immune boosting fats like coconut oil!). Of course, all this being said one must keep were as simple as polio, we would have a cure... "

" ...sugars fructose etc. I suffer from late effects of polio. I can't exercise without making myself ill. I managed ...low carbs loads of MCT/coconut oil fats = more calories the... "

" ...Today my baby was given BCG Vaccination and Oral Polio drops. Now her weight is 4.6 Kg. When we ...tan so started using virgin coconut oil. Now her skin tone is... "

" ...or just plain coconut-oil, or perhaps ...type B inclusions\" (Polio) into ...doesn´t even exist? and... "

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