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Genital Warts

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(Anogenital warts)
Genital warts (or Condylomata acuminata, venereal warts, anal warts and anogenital warts) is a highly contagio...
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Common Genital Warts treatments discussed around the web
Gardasil 1,210 Aldara 1,034 Imiquimod 142
38,043 conversations around the web about Genital Warts to help you make a decision
38,043 conversations around the web about Genital Warts to help you make a decision
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Coconut Oil & Genital Warts

We found 7 discussions
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" Hi everybody! I am using coconut oil now for a week, but my genital warts have swollen. They are not red, guys also? Or is coconut oil not g... "

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" I started treatment with virgin coconut oil on my genital warts. Why are they getting bigger and hurting after 1 week of treatment???? PLEEEASSEE... "

" ...painful foreskin. Used Podowart for genital warts. What should I do? Hello Doctor.....I have genital warts . I got it treated ...really painfull. I am using coconut oil from yesterday night "

" ...WARTS \"After extensive research on the web when I discovered I had genital warts I decided to give coconut oil a chance. I couldn't ...colon (which is typical with genital warts on the anus). A... "

" ...on one of about 6 small genital warts around the penis shaft,after a be wart free but continue with application daily of coconut oil mixed with tea tree. My theory is too give... "

" ...multiple different organic cures for Genital Warts I gave up. I tried Garlic (useless)/Coconut Oil (useless)/Tea Tree Oil (useless)/ACV ...50% of the population has genital warts at least... "

" No, forget about genital warts, they do not cause anything but warts. Most women buy some 100% pure oregano oil, dilute in coconut oil, put it under your tongue and hold for 10... "

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