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Cocaine is taken for: Local Anesthetic Sedation


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Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine) (International Nonproprietary Name) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves...
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Cocaine for Local Anesthetic
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Does Cocaine cause Night Sweats ?

#337 in Cocaine discussions - 28 posts discuss Night Sweats with Cocaine. Night Sweats is #337 concern in Cocaine discussions.
We found 28 discussions
" ... /day) of cocaine. In addition, I m also on several prescription meds--however, no side effects of the prescription sweat but I ve been getting terrible night sweats as well.....I would... "

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" ...Recently however the drug has made me very sick. I stopped taking it super fatigued, irritated, have night sweats, cant sleep, bloated and at ...side effects. ITs like Cocain or Speed y... "

" ...= eighteen years. Add in cocaine and it's thirty years of ...again, but hopefully a lot wiser now. Still having heavy night sweats as I expect this condition to last for a... "

" ...I was a former cocaine user in my bachelor out all night days, and I overcame that (easily I might add) ..I had night sweats one night and deleted remorseful for getting drunk yesterday , ... "

" ...did see the palpitations on the monitor, extreme retlessness, night sweats, etc. sounds like ...seen was someone whom suffered with it for one week coming off of cocaine or something.... "

" ...two day mark I began getting dizzy and felt high still but not palms are sweaty, and I have very bad night sweats. My past withdraw experiences from crack, cocaine, or opiates cannot even ... "

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" 5mg a day Effexor 150mg to 75mg a ...I have been feeling anxious Night sweats Pain in the right side Sad/hating myself Drug abuse (marijuana/cocaine) tiredness No patients No... "

" ...for opiate addiction i've quit cocaine and oxy cold turkey. coke ...super easy, but the opiates killed me. couldn't walk, night sweats, chills, etc you just have to get it in... "

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" ...people can't deal with the sides; ie, agression, insomnia, night sweats; so using the acetate will help you accustom yourself I'm concerned. It is the cocaine of steroids, making you feel... "

" ...- Cocaine and sweat, body odours... ...yayo using the acetone method listed in another discussion. Yes, it worked. Now that I've ...has happened; -no more night sweat (i mean a river...)... "

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