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Cocaine is taken for: Local Anesthetic Sedation


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Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine) (International Nonproprietary Name) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves...
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Cocaine for Local Anesthetic
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Does Cocaine cause Mouth Sores ?

#458 in Cocaine discussions - 15 posts discuss Mouth Sores with Cocaine. Mouth Sores is #458 concern in Cocaine discussions.
We found 15 discussions
" ...MTX I had problems with mouth sores, but the Folic Acid took care of the ...bleeding. I use Neosporin or similar did......... The ENT only asked if I had used cocaine (!!) ......which a... "

" ...Propolis has a significant anaesthetic effect which can be 3 times more powerful than cocaine (without the side effects). It has been ...treatment of sore throats and mouth sores. To obtain reli... "

" ...I'm 22. When I was 17, I was addicted to pain pills and cocaine. I struggled with an addiction for 3 years, dabbled ...just get one very tiny mouth sore in the corner. I forget... "

" ...Other counts are climbing too. Mouth sores were really painful for two ...mouth wash that contains cocaine... Of course now we ...twice otherwise she said the pain was bare able over the horr... "

" ...wake up with acid taste mouth, sore throat every morning. It's gone ...they asked if I did cocaine or any stimulants and I ...back during w/d? I had panic attacks especially in crowded places... "

" ...any other vasocontrictive drug--like cocaine or amphetamines--while using this knees/extremities to the mouth sores. SWIM has seen other meph causes mouth sores. When... "

Post from
" ...for levamisole were crack cocaine users, as opposed ...?Worsening swollen glands ?Painful sores in the mouth or around the anus ...?Pneumonia ?Worsening or persistent sore throat ?Thrush ... "

" Ok, first about the mouth sores. Using forced air vaporizers will ...this same infection from heavy cocaine use and from smoking. Dont, The V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer is the best unit on ... "

" ...any type of stimulant, cocaine, adderall, X, if you ...if you are having mouth sores (jawling all day and ...a high from the adderall, a stimulant high... it's not helping your mental illness... "

"'s evaluation. Oral Cancer A mouth sore that doesn't go away. Unexplained ...a lower lethal dose than cocaine, with as little as 0.5 mg/kg lethal. Cocaine, meanwhile is about 9... "

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