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Cocaine is taken for: Local Anesthetic Sedation


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Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine) (International Nonproprietary Name) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves...
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Cocaine for Local Anesthetic
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Does Cocaine cause Feeling Cold ?

#359 in Cocaine discussions - 26 posts discuss Feeling Cold with Cocaine. Feeling Cold is #359 concern in Cocaine discussions.
We found 26 discussions
" meth use causes him to sweat constantly but he feels cold on his extremities. He never feels hot though. Feeling hot could mean SWIY is... "

" ...few beers and then do cocaine and everything is just fine. Also SWIM has a friend and she said she has the same cold feeling when she's on her period and doing coke. It... "

" day that i stopped sniffing cocaine and at the same time ...hye temperarture on. when ecveryoen feels cold i sweat adn when peopel ...4 years that i sniff cocaine what should i use beca... "

" ...left me out in the cold feeling miserable. Your exbf needs to necessary for him to get well. His doing cocaine will only make him feel more depressed. Maybe when he hits bottom he wi... "

" Experiences - SWIM Likes Feeling Cold On Cocaine For some reason swim after every good lines, loves to either drop hands in lots of ice or, run them through freezing cold water. Its... "

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" (cocaine) Feeling cold when on Coke Anyone else get this? The other day my friend at work gave me a free bag because he owed from the last time, and I did some today, about 2 moderate sized... "

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" of electricity when you are feeling down. misombra is the crack cocaine when you need the high. ...goose down blanket when you are feeling cold. but above all, she is... "

" ...he was prescribed Trazadone and started taking that. SWIM snorted cocaine three days ago. ...SWIM is having very violent shakes. A chill runs down SWIMS spine then he feels cold and starts to... "

" ...a little sweet, and it feels cold on your tongue, kinda like ...they aren't regular users of cocaine with a developed tolerance and ...doing that. A lot of cocaine users like to do 'numbys'... "

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" i took cocaine quite regular for about a ...did do it i got an instant pain in my nose that would last for days and a very cold feeling all over the nose ...but unfortunately that didn't stop... "

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