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Cocaine is taken for: Local Anesthetic Sedation


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Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine) (International Nonproprietary Name) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves...
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Cocaine for Local Anesthetic
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Does Cocaine cause Bloating ?

#102 in Cocaine discussions - 200 posts discuss Bloating with Cocaine. Bloating is #102 concern in Cocaine discussions.
We found 200 discussions
" ...think they look great, women are not usually in to this look The 'fat coke dealer' look i like to call it, its so true though.. so many get big and bloated and start to sell cocaine "

" ...Not only do they make me bloat and screw up my digestion but my nose starts to bleed (think cocaine) because my sinuses are irritated.... "

" ...bloated face of hers doesn't look like it's all due to fillers... Cocaine and alcohol make your face bloated... "

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" not physical withdrawal from cocaine . However, the mental withdrawal my system and I was bloated for years. It is ...So glad that you got away from the cocaine !! Take... "

" ...cocaine...sort of wigged out. I had to decrease, then I felt better, pee'd a lot and lost 3 lbs. overnight when I decreased it by about 25 mgs. I am desperate at this time, because I am taking le... "

" ...bloating. i tried everything to no avail. what finally worked was bhi heels gastro cleanse [it doesnt make you poop it just clears away gas] and when i eat i take 2 country life papaya enzymes righ... "

" ...of the ordinary. I had a back ache one of the days ...way to describe it is \"PMS on crack-cocaine\" lol. I also got my ...away thirst weird taste in mouth bloated emotional VERY emotional lo... "

", Angelina's leg has more class than MANNY'S entire bloated, vodka and cocaine filled body, and NOW... "

Post from
" had that added insight and agitatiion with boredom that led to Holmes cocaine use. He was bloated at the end due to lithium and... "

" Also when I am bloated at 7am having been snorting cocaine night I just need a ...the same. In fact cocaine in tabular form would ...night I chewed vodka and ate cocaine... "

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