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Acne vulgaris (or cystic acne) is a common human skin disease, characterized by areas of skin with seborrhea (scaly red skin), c...
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Accutane 155,374 Benzoyl Peroxide 71,384 Retin A 27,896
1,657,126 conversations around the web about Acne to help you make a decision
1,657,126 conversations around the web about Acne to help you make a decision
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Coal Tar/Soap & Acne

We found 33 discussions
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" I have lots of blackheads at the nose area and ...after washing my face with coal tar soap. Heard that baking soda can get rid of blackheads,you might give it a try... "

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" ...wrights coal tar soap cleared you of ...or dermatitis? I have really bad acne t... "

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" I am starting the same course of treatment. Coal tar soap wash twice a day (morning / night). Vaseline right ...this is gonna work! Had acne for the past 20 years,... "

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" ...years of battle against acne. Not sure how bad accutane (3x) messed my ...control having a few pimples appearing. Tried it all. ...topicals, oral antibiotics. The acne is still here. St... "

Post from
" ...Tar Soap Is there an initial break out when starting on this coal tar soap product? I am having a small breakout with 3 inflammed pustules which came out. Not ...After 20 years fighting ac... "

" ...soap before, and it was great to get rid of my acne.... "

Post from
" ...flake, i'm not taking BP for my acne at the moment as i ...and cleanse? i already use coal tar soap (orange packet) to cleanse and moisturiser, but nothing for acne.... "

" ...acne on his back and it cleared it right up. You have to be REALLY careful on that stuff tho. Really, really nasty powerful drug, especially if your on a cycle. You need to get blood work don... "

Post from
" How can i get rid of acne/pimples? Coal tar soap worked for me. You can buy it in spupermarktes and chemists. You wash your face with little water and lather it up, then leave it... "

" ...- Wash your face twice a day with Coal Tar soap (this stuff smells like old school disinfectant but it works and it's cheap) - Never pick/squeeze spots (no matter how unsightly), squeezing will... "

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