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Method of use: Transdermal Patch
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Clonidine is a sympatholytic medication used to treat medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, some pain conditions, ADHD and ...
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Clonidine for Withdrawal
45,852 conversations around the web about Clonidine to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Clonidine and compared it to other Withdrawal medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Clonidine, Tenex and Bipolar Disorder

We found 84 discussions
Post from
" pj, No experience personally with abilify, but supposed to be useful for those kids with some bipolar or atypcial adhd. Worth a ...did ok at night with clonidine, I would give the guanfacine(t... "

" I am currently taking tenex for ADHD and love the stuff(very similar to clonidine) Lowers cortisol, has shown to boost GH levels, lowers BP & heart rate. There has also been some data... "

" ...Gracie 5 1/2 DX: Bi-Polar NOS Previos DX- Episodic Rage Current Meds- Abilify 12 mg. (2mg. in am) (10 Mg. PM) 5.0 mg. of Lexapro Previous Meds- Atenolol, (12.5 mg) Tenex,(.5 MG) Clonidine DH-... "

" ...falling asleep so it needs to be given within 15 minutes prior to hitting the bed. I was also told that if it is not enough, give another one. Sublingual is the fastest route into the body so inste... "

" abilify for impulsivity????? We went to ...son's bad experiences on Straterra. Right well as tenex and clonidine. This doctor was retty confident that my son is not bipolar, but suggested... "

" ...getting diagnosed as bipolar if they are ...syndrome). The anti-hypertensives have been used for hyperactivity for years, but ...that's the case for clonidine). Guanfacine/Tenex is popular w... "

" ...Lithium for over a year and never looked sedated even in the beginning, but all children are different. If my son was experiencing symptoms like that I would call his pdoc. I always would rather ... "

" ..., OCD, ADHD put him on tenex , prozac and clonidine ( not sure if ...mood disorder ( considering bipolar and mental illness history ...are today. After reading \"The bipolar Child\" and afte... "

Post from
" ...MD and now he's on meds for ADHD , Tenex and Clonidine. I'm feeling very frustrated and doubting myself as a parent. I have ...there? His mom was diagnosed mildly retarded and father bipolar... "

" ...been on the generic Lithium Carbonate ER (Generic Eskalith CR) ...(7 y.o) DX: PDD-NOS, BP, SPD, ADHD, GAD, NLD, ...MEDS: Abilify 15 mg, Tenex 2 mg, Lithium 450 am/pm, Clonidine .1 mg. SCHOOL:... "

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