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Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine drug having anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, and anxiolytic properties. It is marketed by Hoffmann-La R...
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Clonazepam for Bipolar Disorder
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Clonazepam & Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder
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supposed to be starting medication to treat Bipolar Disorder...
" ...all for now. When I see my GP again, I'm supposed to be starting medication to treat Bipolar Disorder. But, the Clonazep... "

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Clonazepam (for my bipolar) and from what my psychiatrist...
" Quote: I take Clonazepam (for my bipolar) and from what my psychiatrist told me, this med is potent, but isn't one of the strongest benzos available. If I... "

than I was. I've never heard of clonazepam for bipolar
" ...clonazepam now (which is the generic for klonopin). I haven't had any side effects. I believe I'm on a 1mg as well. I usually take one in the morning and one and night for my Tourettes. I'm not sur... "

I take Clonazepam myself (for rapid cycling bipolar disorder...
" ...dosage? Stomach pain, confusion and agitation are all side effects of this med. It may take awhile for the side effects to disappear, but if they continue to be bothersome, I would contact your... "

and a therapist. I was in a bipolar support group and it...
" ...and it helped me tremendously. I have to get my sleep (your seroquel should be helping you with that...I'm assuming you take it at bedtime) and I have to keep stresses away. I took Lorazepam for ... "

Clonazepam which is used for both MS and Bipolar, I get...
" ...have the spasticity problem, but ...However, I've had two unilateral major relapses where it ...very debilitating. I take Clonazepam which is used for both MS and Bipolar, I get a two-for-one... "

hand after I was diagnosed with bi-polar, my shrink gave me...
" ...Abilify/Lamictal are enough to treat those symptoms, then ask her how and why? I'm not sure if suggesting a benzo would be a good idea or not. On one hand you could be flagged for drug seeking be... "

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Depression? i have been treated for bipolar disoder I...
" p-doc that my anxiety was really bothering me still,even though my other bipolar symptoms had gone away so at first he increase my seroquel in the morning and after that had no effect on me i... "

I am bipolar T2 and my psychiatrist wrote me bupropion just...
" ...wrote me bupropion just to help me quit smoking (which actually worked, BTW). He told me to continue taking it along with lamotrigine, fluoxetine and... "

brain off. Along with the 3 other drugs im on for Bi polar...
" ...Clonazepam for anxiety but also now take one for sleep at nite. it has helped me finally shut my brain off. Along with the 3 other drugs im on for ... "

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