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Clindamycin is taken for: Acne Infection MRSA Bacterial Vaginosis* More


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Clindamycin International Nonproprietary Name is a lincosamides antibiotic. It is usually used to treat infections with anaerobic org...
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Clindamycin for Acne
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Does Clindamycin cause Dizzy ?

Dizzy is a known side effect of Clindamycin
#3 in Clindamycin discussions - 129 posts discuss Dizzy with Clindamycin. Dizzy is #3 concern in Clindamycin discussions.
We found 129 discussions
clindamycin HCL
I am on this medication because of a tooth that is infected and needs a root canal. 5 days into the dosage of 3 pills a day at 300mg., I became very dizzy!!! It scared me. I read on here that others have felt the same. :-(

" ...has been nothing but BAD NEWS... Since I started taking it I would feel very weak then dizzy I started to have an VERY UPSET stomach . I notice... "

" I went through this when I was taking Clindamycin. Just allow yourself to be sick right now. The infection may be causing you to feel dizzy and out of it. Keep telling yourself that you... "

" ...little bit. I had better results with Clindamycin but that also wasn't very effective as I built up a resistance to it after about a year. Same with ...made me dizzy and my face got worse! That'... "

" ...Clyndimiacin for about a week and a half during this. I dropped them both cold turkey without tapering and have been struggling for a bit. I had headaches similar to Cheekys, nausea, and dizziness... "

" I am allergic to clindamycin. I found out by hives all over, low blood pressire, feeling dizzy and very itchy. I had to have a few... "

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" Does clindamycin make anyone else feel dizzy,have chest pains and feel weak? Some people with other ...pressure while taking clindamycin can cause dizziness and ch... "

" ...normally wouldn't cause dizziness; I prescribe it pretty frequently and the most common side effect I see is stomach upset and diarrhea. My ...I'm sure having a bit of extra weight up front... "

" any point of your dizziness? I have had a dizzy reaction to things such as; ...Could these things (and the Clindamycin) cause CNS issues as opposed... "

" I was prescribed Clindamycin therapy for my vaginal infection. Less then a year ...same infection, and I took Clindamycin and Nystatin?I was ok but ...couple of days I felt dizziness and weaknes... "

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