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Cleft Palate

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cleft lip and palate, are variations of a type of clefting congenital deformity caused by abnormal facial development during gestation...
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14,872 conversations around the web about Cleft Palate to help you make a decision
14,872 conversations around the web about Cleft Palate to help you make a decision
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Cleft Palate & Tattoo

We found 10 discussions
Post from
" ...if you have a tattoo? my son is 2 ...week i wanna get a tattoo of his name but he was born with a cleft palate an when he is between ok t... "

" ...Anyone who will do a tattoo without giving you aftercare advice avoided. Kathleen Violet 12.05.2004 (Cleft palat... "

" ...doing so. I view circumcision as a medical procedure, done for a medical reason to help prevent infections and assist ...view correcting a cleft palate the same way. ...give me a tattoo when... "

" ...Never have, never will. I only have 1 small tattoo (so far :eg:) and no piercings anymore. I'm not ...great, and you can be friends. Hope you feel better. Kathleen Violet 12.05.2004 (Cleft... "

Post from
" ...and sodomized by no less than three men - a caucasian with a Nazi tattoo on his left bicep, a guatemalan with a cleft palate, and an asian missing the little finger on his left hand.\" ... and... "

Post from
" that. i would really like to get a tattoo that would be a kind of awareness thing for ...for missa because pink is for cleft lip and cleft palate awareness. jeff had the idea of me getting... "

Post from
" ...Jewish. I would never get a tattoo not because of anything the ...something like a breast reconstruction or cleft palate...something legitimate. I am not a... "

Post from
" appointment to see if our son had a cleft palate because he had tickets to see harry potter with ...when he came over is because you'd got the tattoo (also a fan of, I have 5 ) despite... "

" ...Emla cream, and you can buy emla patches from the chemist, ...belly button ring, a small tattoo and was considering getting my ...- Kathleen Violet (12/05/04) *Pierre Robin/cleft palate/sev... "

" front of the PS who had obviously had cleft palate surgery at some point in his life, was a ...guh... I almost don't want to go back and get the tattoo removed. He is planning to just punch b... "

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