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(Hepatic cirrhosis)
Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease characterized by replacement of liver tissue (biology) by fibrosis, scar tissue a...
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Common Cirrhosis treatments discussed around the web
Ribavirin 938 Lactulose 694 Milk Thistle 673
44,091 conversations around the web about Cirrhosis to help you make a decision
44,091 conversations around the web about Cirrhosis to help you make a decision
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Cirrhosis & Diarrhea

0.6% of the posts that mention Cirrhosis also mention Diarrhea (264 posts)
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We found 264 discussions
" ...the info. He has cirrhosis, was diagnosed 20 ...used to the medicine. I know that the purpose of the medication is to rid the body of amonia thru the intestine and the diarrhea is inevitable... "

" ...Hep C and was put on Solvaldi and Ribavirin for 24 weeks. As a result of the Hep C, I also have stage 4 Cirrhosis. I have finished my treatment. ...treatment, I have had diarrhea and no energy. ... "

" Green diarrhea My mom has cirrhosis of the liver and portal hypertension. She has been having very bad diarrhea for the last week or ...this be cause by her cirrhosis? She went to the doc... "

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" C IgA deficiency... She has recurrent respiratory infectious and GIT (diarrhea).Most common primary immunodeficiency... a) she would have cirrhosis and COPD b) would be... "

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" out. My husband has end stage cirrhosis. Lately he has become really ...could he be gassy.he has trouble breathing sometimes. This continues through the bathroom. He has diarrhea da... "

" have cirrhosis. If it is early stage you MAY be able to slow down the progression but there is no cure except a transplant.. Janet4life is correct. I am stage 4. When I started Lactulose it... "

" ...Cirrhosis caused by AutoImmune Hepatitis. I am on a lifelong medication called Imuran, an autoimmune supressant. I get sick easily and often due to the drug. I have to go on Predisone every... "

" ...he also had cirrhosis. After some of ...his abdomen and have loose motions. After consult to doctor ...econorm and plantocid. after 2 hours he having relief but now he is shivering like any t... "

" ...70 years old and have been found liver cirrhosis. Two years has already been ...days I am suffering sometime by Diarrhoea and fever. Stomach is ...dizziness. Doctors say that cirrhosis can'no... "

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" ...Lactulose? This is a syrup like substance that you swallow and it clears the ammonia out. There are certain foods which cause more ammonia problems than others. Eating lots of meat isn't a good ... "

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