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Method of use: Injection, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Ciprofloxacin (International Nonproprietary Name) is a synthetic chemotherapeutic antibiotic of the fluoroquinolone drug class.It is a...
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Cipro for Infection
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Does Cipro cause Swollen Glands ?

#186 in Cipro discussions - 30 posts discuss Swollen Glands with Cipro. Swollen Glands is #186 concern in Cipro discussions.
We found 30 discussions
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" urine/back pain/swollen glands hi i have had visable blood in urine pain on right lower back that is increasing~was put on cipro still has not... "

" ...the injection of Enbrell once weeek, for the last 5 weeks ive been suffering with swollen glands in neck, hot sweats, ...advise ! also took 50mg of cipro for 7 days twic... "

" ...What to Expect in Exam? I was treated with Cipro at 2 weeks post op for UTI. Now I have swollen glands and a soar throat that feels like Strep. Is this common or a sign of another infection?... "

" ...glands Does anyone get swollen glands in their throat? Mine ...that. I saw my doctor in early June. He put me on Cipro because I went to him ...spider bite. He said Cipro would take care ... "

" ...swollen glands ...cipro, flagyl, clindamycin, and valtrex. The combination of all those drugs gaveme severe diarrhea (which is bad enough when your pink parts ARENT sore). I have been off work... "

" ...after the test I got swollen glands a mild fever a pinch ...I went to a doctor in mexico and he said it was a gland infection and he gave me im really worry can you help me out. "

" ...PLEASE google \"Cipro Toxicity\", and in particular the 250-page \"The Flox Report\". They gave this poison to my ...had a string of symptoms that have been attributed to Cipro in all... "

" ...other symptoms...sore throat, cold, swollen glands, and even a burn ...herpes test results. My sores are slowly going ...started to go away when I stopped taking the Cipro for the UTI. I stil... "

" ...cause yeast infections, though your symptoms don't sound like yeast. Herpes usually don't cause urinary frequency, not mine anyway!!! The tingling sensation and swollen glands sounds like it... "

" ...back in a course of cipro and flagyl, and will have ...had fistulas in the past. My only real symptoms are swollen glands, joint pain, pelvic discomfort, and the occasional crampy day.... "

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