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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
Certolizumab pegol (CDP870, tradename Cimzia) is a therapeutic monoclonal antibody produced by UCB (company) for the treatment...
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Cimzia for Crohn's Disease
10,549 conversations around the web about Cimzia to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Cimzia and compared it to other Crohn's Disease medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Cimzia cause Weight Gain ?

#3 in Cimzia discussions - 123 posts discuss Weight Gain with Cimzia. Weight Gain is #3 concern in Cimzia discussions.
We found 123 discussions
" ...was on Cimzia for several years and gained about 35 lbs. I dont know if I can blame the Cimzia though. I agree with ...from feeling better since Cimzia did well for me I can't blame... "

" Question for those on Cimzia Do you find your gaining weight on it? I have been on it since end ...past few months I feel like I have really put on weight. Of course it could also be because I h... "

" ...last few weeks, I finally was able to put on a few pounds and have ... supplements(This stopped my weight loss) 2. Cimzia(This helped a lot) ...raw salads. I've put on about 5 lbs and my fi... "

" ...had started. When I went to see him, he suggested pred, but I refused. We worked with other methods to control it (Entocort and Cimzia). (I gained 100 pounds last flare because of pred and I... "

" ...acid, inject MTX and am on anti-TNF Cimzia. I was on steroids until ...and I know I have put weight on. I also know that my ...know I need to get the extra weight off. I know I... "

" ...cimzia and this as caused the worse infections i have had. 8 weeks ago i had broncitis for 3 weeks and now i have broncitis again. had this for nearly 2 weeks now but this time i have had an ear ... "

" ...cimzia 3 months ago, put on 2,5 kilos, I... "

" ...Humiria and currently on Cimzia. My problem with the injections is that they normally work for the ...also currently taking Mobic but it ...was on medrol which helped but caused weight gain a... "

Post from
" ...Cimzia who is hungry ...huge appetite before. Am gaining weight like crazy. What to ...intro stages of taking Cimzia... will take 4th... "

" I've been on Cimzia for about 8 months. I ...from the med. Actually, I've put on some weight since I've started. That's a does seem like Cimzia has helped ... "

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