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Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain has several different meanings in medicine. Traditionally, the distinction between acute and chronic pain has rel...
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Common Chronic Pain treatments discussed around the web
Oxycontin 7,128 Morphine 5,923 Oxycodone 4,340
210,169 conversations around the web about Chronic Pain to help you make a decision
210,169 conversations around the web about Chronic Pain to help you make a decision
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Chronic Pain & PCOS

0.14% of the posts that mention Chronic Pain also mention PCOS (291 posts)
Chronic Pain
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" ...high testosterone levels, went without a period for 7 months. I have chronic pain, but I have good days and bad days. Pain mostly gravitates to my right. I have a BMI of 23.9 so weight isn't much o... "

" ...was fair enough, I was over weight, but completely ignored ...first post partum year of having a baby, I have PCOS and am in chronic pain which makes exercise hard, ...back to my eating disor... "

" there is very little I can do to lose weight. I have PCOS which already makes it difficult plus I have chronic pain that is irritated by exercise. Am I just never supposed to have a... "

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" ...go all the way. I want to lose about 15-20 pounds and get rid of my chronic pain. I know what a miracle ...and she reversed her PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), started ovulating and having... "

" hi i have cronic pain everyday for the last 3 ...i whent to my doc for treatment for my pcos and she knows that i have been trying for i had to go on dianette (pill) to regulate my... "

" ...I finally registered! I have been dealing with chronic pain since I was 18 ...Movement Disorder, Anxiety Disorder(duh!), and newly diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Hugs and Spoon... "

" ...have PCOS and opted to have a hyster to relieve the cramping and bleeding after I am experiencing horrid right ovary pain. During the surgery ...then be in chronic pain.... I know that... "

" I have been diagnosed with mild PCOS and mainly pelvic congestion too. ...difference though. I still have the chronic pain. I don't have excess hair that, just the chronic pain, which ... "

" I have Crohn's disease which is currently playing ...of diarhoea - i get chronic pain where the ulcers are and ...and fatigue. I also have PCOS but that is not troubling... "

" ...feel so happy to have found this whole PCOS forum, on the verge of ...a double blow that my PCOS also adds its own contrubutors ...the depression. I also have chronic pain which then adds to... "

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