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Chronic Insomnia

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Insomnia (or wikt:sleeplessness) is most often defined by an individual's report of sleeping difficulties. While the term is som...
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Common Chronic Insomnia treatments discussed around the web
Ambien 763 Ambien CR 67 Zolpidem 58
8,198 conversations around the web about Chronic Insomnia to help you make a decision
8,198 conversations around the web about Chronic Insomnia to help you make a decision
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Chronic Insomnia & Herniated Disc

0.13% of the posts that mention Chronic Insomnia also mention Herniated Disc (11 posts)
Chronic Insomnia
Herniated Disc
We found 11 discussions
" ...Been suffering from chronic insomnia since ...dependency. Because of what I've witnessed, I have a lot of self control. I'm prescribed 120 opiates a month for my back (five bulging discs, lul... "

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" ...take nabumetone, which is an Nsaid, because I have more bulging discs than skinny ones. Chronic insomnia means there is no the Avonex, I was the picture child for hyperactivity- bu... "

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" ...trace to food because I nearly always feel consistently the same. Sure, I am in constant pain from FMS and herniated discs and chronic insomnia due to so much pain but I really wish I knew if I... "

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" ...utterly hopeless. For chronic insomnia, I have been ...combat jetlag. Melatonin did absolutely nothing for me but it my work for you. Some find ...I have herniated discs and fibromyal... "

" i had a connective tissue disorder. only explanation for why i had multiple herniated discs with no injury ...symptoms for a long time prior to my fusion surgeries... chronic insomnia, fatigu... "

" ...became an issue with a herniated disc at C5/C6. I sought a ...on these pain meds and Oxycontin was added as an extended anything for me either. Chronic insomnia contributes to the probl... "

" ...pretty much every night for chronic insomnia, sometimes one in the morning ...if my back is bothering me (I have a herniated disc). I'll also smoke with friends/family cause pretty much everyone... "

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" 60#15mg MS Contin (Morphine Sulfate) twice a day ...well as depression/anxiety, OCD and chronic insomnia. We are still in the ...far have found a slightly bulging disc and some mild degeneratio... "

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" ...MMJ card. I have a herniated disc in my lower back, which severe when it comes. Percocet and and other opiates are ...anxiety causes me to have chronic insomnia, which is what screws ... "

" ...for about 2.5 years, multiple herniated discs, cervical and lumbar. So far, ...then suddenly i was having chronic insomnia issues again. (was taking ambien for years before i tried... "

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