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Chronic Heart Failure

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(Cardiac failure chronic)
Heart failure (HF) often called congestive heart failure (CHF) is generally defined as the inability of the heart to suppl...
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Common Chronic Heart Failure treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 2,912 Coreg 1,264 Digoxin 749
213,689 conversations around the web about Chronic Heart Failure to help you make a decision
213,689 conversations around the web about Chronic Heart Failure to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Chronic Heart Failure

Chronic Heart Failure & Pneumonia Congestive

90% of the posts that mention Pneumonia Congestive also mention Chronic Heart Failure (45 posts)
Pneumonia Congestive
Chronic Heart Failure
We found 45 discussions
" MOM/JUNE IN HOSPITAL -PNEUMONIA/CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE Oh Connie! That is wonderful news! I was possibly expecting a very sad call from you today! \"WHEW!\" Next time you talk to a Social... "

" ...after improving from aspiration pneumonia, congestive heart failure, plus many other ups ...terrible! I have read a lot on Mrsa and C-diff ...been prevented! I am torn between anger, guilt,... "

" ...around her lungs. Drs have ruled out cancer, TB, pneumonia, congestive heart failure and other minor things. They the hospital. She also has developed blood clots in both legs since... "

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" ...a bed for her. She doesn't seem to mind though. Turns out the pneumonia, congestive heart failure and other uglies that were the immediate diagnosis have not materialized and after... "

" ...and mild cold symptoms I have been coughing a lot and ...a serious condition like pneumonia, congestive heart failure or a blockage or urgent care?? I took Advil and I feel much better ... "

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" ...February at 81 of Bronchial pneumonia /congestive heart failure/coronary artery disease as recorded on the death certificate, and my Dad has Angina that puts me I... "

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" ...(DRG) hospitalizations were extracted from a NYS administrative database: pneumonia, congestive heart failure, urinary tract/kidney infection (UTI), and lower extremity orthopedic surgery... "

" ...kidney problems. She now had pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure. Then they ...2 days, and had only oxygen and pain shots. She was ...her, and that \"she was so very tired... "

" ...kinds of diseases that were not diagnosed correctly included pneumonia, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, cancer and urinary tract infections. The breakdown... "

" ...Last night my kitteh had an extremely hard time breathing. She was reclining and ...we are dealing with pneumonia/congestive heart failure. I am home with ...on an antibiotic and lasix, so th... "

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