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Chronic Heart Failure

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(Cardiac failure chronic)
Heart failure (HF) often called congestive heart failure (CHF) is generally defined as the inability of the heart to suppl...
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Common Chronic Heart Failure treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 2,909 Coreg 1,264 Digoxin 749
213,657 conversations around the web about Chronic Heart Failure to help you make a decision
213,657 conversations around the web about Chronic Heart Failure to help you make a decision
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Chronic Heart Failure & Humidifier

We found 98 discussions
" ...for it... But he has respiratory problems... since he was a ...I was little I had congestive heart failure due to an atrial septal defect... We kept a vicks humidifier right by me all the... "

" ...thick that it's hard to bring up. Often, I have to run a humidifier at night. Sometimes, if it makes me gaggy, I'll start vomiting. What is ...have to be careful with medications because of my... "

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" ...everyday, has also been having this cough for maybe a year ...seems to help is a humidifier. Also it seems to act .... Anyhow what exactly is congestive heart failure and what can or do... "

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" ...else in my life has changed. Neither the sleep clinic nor my cardiologist's office knows anything about the humidifier causing problems with cpap. In fact, the nurse at my cardio says usually a cpa... "

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" Yes, my CHF is much better now that I've been sleeping with my CPAP. ...all. Also, make sure you get one with a humidifier on it! All that air going down the back... "

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" ...turned out he was having congestive heart failure, and the tightness ...water retention. since he's started treatment for that, he's peed out over 30 lbs of water, ...out of the humidifier... "

" ...of months. I was in the hospital because of VTAC; the congestive heart failure in turn caused typical negative reactions in the pulmonary areas. Accordingly I ...with heaterd humidifier. The ... "

" Is the humidifier heated? If not, I would highly recommend getting one. improve for some time with the continued use of CPAP (assuming that he has congestive heart failure). Good luck.... "

" ...on a CPAP w/humidifier is not going to \"cause\" congestive heart failure. I would suggest of this 02 w/humidifier about the wisdom ...adequatly hydrated, perhaps use some Bioten... "

" ...nights on CPAP w/heated humidifier does NOT cause congestive heart failure. There was an underlying ...02 w/o humidification. I have COPD and am on ...HAVE to have a HEATED HUMIDIFIER in orde... "

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