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Chronic Bronchitis

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(Bronchitis chronic)
Chronic bronchitis is a Chronic (medicine) inflammation of the bronchus (medium-size airways) in the lungs. It is generally considered...
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Common Chronic Bronchitis treatments discussed around the web
Spiriva 93 Amoxicillin 24 Tiotropium 17
8,259 conversations around the web about Chronic Bronchitis to help you make a decision
8,259 conversations around the web about Chronic Bronchitis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis & Diuretics

We found 24 discussions
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" ...last couple of days and it took 360mg of diuretics to do it and one day i was instructed ...extra 40 mg of the lasix, I also have chronic bronchitis in my left lung that acts up a few... "

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" I have COPD and I have been on Oxygen 24 hrs a day ...and Bronchitis too. I have Chronic Bronchitis now. But I was like ...My doctor put me on Lasix and Potassium to get rid... "

" ...with diastolic dysfunction, and put me on Lasix and potassium. He told me ...cough was caused by chronic bronchitis (I don't smoke) and ...about gone and he's slowly reducing the prednisone b... "

" ...I do have Chronic Bronchitis. I don' t ...for patients with Brochitis? Diuretics, Ace Inhibitors, Calcium Channel blockers should not exacerbate your chronic bronchitis (COPD). BTW i... "

Post from
" ...intoxication in adults with chronic bronchitis who is taking loop diuretics B.Extreme Acidemia due to metabolic... "

Post from
" Diuretic - I thought it was ...on tv ? For Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphsyma,... "

Post from
" _ A 65-year-old man with chronic bronchitis presented to the emergency room ...was intubated and treated with diuretics and antibiotics. However, after apparent... "

" ...areas of the lungs. Have your Doc battle the infection while you work ...classic sign of bronchiectasis vs chronic bronchitis. 1) Much more sputum ...a bit about the use of Lasix to manage... "

" ...into detail about dehydration,fluid pills, and the issues often I use the rescue ventolin/albuuterol inhaler.She said that ...from HF and from chronic bronchitis. I feel better today.... "

Post from
" ...with your answers osler 6. C you would suspect chronic bronchitis for someone with 39yrs smoking history 7. C for African American without DM thiazides would be the 1st line... "

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