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Chromium Picolinate + HDL

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22 conversations around the web about Chromium Picolinate + HDL to help you make a decision
22 conversations around the web about Chromium Picolinate + HDL to help you make a decision
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Chromium Picolinate & HDL

We found 22 discussions
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" ...out. Another couple of words: Chromium Picolinate. Try the Chromiun Picolinate. ...levels and also impact your HDL levels in a ...helps. The only sides I have encountered are sleepines... "

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" ...we want HDL to be 50 ...also upping my chromium picolinate and polynicotinate to the higher levels to help with the HDL. I do keep the paperwork; fortunately, I am obsessive/compulsive - i... "

" ...primrose. I actually have high triglycerides because of my diet (I like my ...supplement to consider is Chromium Picolinate. I also take this ...bad and help the good cholesterol get into you... "

" ...notice a small increase in HDL. If you add 200 mg.of Chromium Picolinate the HDL will rise even more. There... "

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" ? Chromium Picolinate Could anyone tell me if chromium picolinate is ok for a B ...It is to raise my HDL. It is 34. I usually... "

" ...pretty good too triglycerides 92, HDL 78, LDL 92, total 205. ...out some vitamins that might lower it if possible. Chromium picolinate doesn't seem to be helping. Have a great low... "

" ...174-167 Triglycerides 173-57 HDL 32-27 LDL 112-124 ...2x daily and chromium picolinate 1x daily. I've... "

" ...well it can help u maintain healthy levels of HDL(the good cholestrol). it also says that chromium picolinate and polynicotinate are better absorbed than standard chromium supplements.... "

" pedantic, I don't think you mean mgs (milligrams); chromium picolinate seems generally to be sold in tablets of 200 ...DX'd 2002, D&E, HbA1c 5.7, BMI 21 Lipids:Tot 4.6 HDL 1.5 LDL 2.8 Tri... "

" ...fats and heavy metals, (use as directed by mfg.). Chromium picolinate, 400-600 mcg. improves HDL to LDL ratios. Lecithin granules added to foods or... "

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