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(Genitourinary chlamydia infection)
Common Chlamydia treatments discussed around the web
Azithromycin 2,080 Doxycycline 1,991 Zithromax 1,087
50,976 conversations around the web about Chlamydia to help you make a decision
50,976 conversations around the web about Chlamydia to help you make a decision
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Chlamydia & Rash

1.15% of the posts that mention Chlamydia also mention Rash (584 posts)
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We found 584 discussions
" scrotal rash since march 2012. it is been itchy and painful, sometimes very scaly and peeling off . i has tried hydrozole, elocon, clonea, kenacomb ointment ...i had chlamydia infection in... "

" ...describing. Has anyone found a cure? I've had it for almost a year. Same raised rash and striations. Tried all the anti-fungals and hydrocortisone creams ...was diagnosed with Chlamydia/Gono... "

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" ...that I have a small rash (one patch on my left side about 3 inches under my nipple) and it does not seem to respond to benadryl . The chlamydia test I took said I had two types of chlamydia lgg an... "

" ...have developed a rash on my penis I have recently developed a rash at the tip ...conjunctivitis and I know that this can be linked to chlamydia but, from what I have read, chlamydia does not nor... "

" Hi I have had a rash for around a week now after taking azithromycin for possible chlamydia. It is itchy and seems to be spreading it started around my collar... "

" ...use condom, got Chlamydia), painful menstruations take Aleve, but skin rash occurred. Even though this med is helping me a lot, I am still frightened that beside rash, I might... "

" ...ago and they game me hydrocortisone 2.5% which seemed to help but it seemed to have came back. I was also diagnosed with epididymitis last year. so could the rash be the chlamydia or gonorrhea ?... "

" me) i had an itchy rash on my torso. it was hard to decide if it was from the antibiotics they gave me to treat my possible chlamydia (oops...wrong) a side effect and so far no rash... "

" I had a chlamydia problem along with herpes (mouth ...Barr , toxioplasmosis after my bulls eye rash. I always thought my chlamydia . I have recently read on the net chlamydia is also vec... "

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" ...your all well. i got the chlamydia/gonorrhea test results on friday and ...havent as of yet had fever/night sweats but i have developed a rash on my chest. Anyway im... "

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