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Chiropractic + T4

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82 conversations around the web about Chiropractic + T4 to help you make a decision
82 conversations around the web about Chiropractic + T4 to help you make a decision
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Chiropractic & T4

We found 82 discussions
" Thanks JB, I am a firm believer in Chiropractic care and actually have been getting my hands adjusted do with the thyroid and the t3 & t4 after the conversion. A T3 compound is taken to... "

" ...was diagnosed with a herniated & bulging disk at T4/T5 smack dab on top of each other after a ...I was bedbound for a week, did PT & chiropractic treatment for a year to get better. Sitting for... "

" ...sounds a little like T4 syndrome might be a ...thoracics for any potential T4 syndrome. Beyond that, a ...good call; again possibly a chiropractic/osteopathic neurologist if you're gettin... "

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" ...sounds like is something called T4 syndrome (T4 referring to the 4th verterbrae, probably nerve impingement. Again, chiropractic does great stuff, gets at... "

" ...luck finding out anything about T4 syndrome online - there's next ...old info). Please note, the T4 syndrome I'm talking about has the know, that whilst T4 isn't supposed to hit the... "

" T3 and T4 Syndromes (and other Syndromes between ...Vertebra. Too often, we see T4 (and its spinal neighbors T3 virtue of their own chiropractic say-so and enthusiasm for their... "

" ...want to run a Chiropractic clinic not because Chiropractic itself is useless, but ...and faults of chiropractic eventually caught up ...The reality is that chiropractic limits practitioners t... "

" ...old now ) T3 & T4 finally back to normal, but ...also! What worked for me was a combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, whole food supplements & changing my diet. Good... "

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" ...say that you are a surgical candidate for sure.....and chiropractic will only help with pain, not straighten curves. You ...a long fusion like mine T2-T4 down to L3. You need... "

" ...after realizing that traditional chiropractic doesn't actually realign the ...which she states that chiropractic philosophy \"stands for what sum up much of chiropractic. If she had ad... "

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