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Rigor is a tremor occurring during a high fever. It occurs because cytokines and prostaglandins are released as part of an immune res...
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213,834 conversations around the web about Chills to help you make a decision
213,834 conversations around the web about Chills to help you make a decision
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Chills & Teeth Chattering

7.88% of the posts that mention Teeth Chattering also mention Chills (249 posts)
Teeth Chattering
We found 249 discussions
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" say glad other have the chills also, but I am :) long I had the chills, sometimes teeth chattering and it did not always a bit except for the chills, which I do still get... "

" ...up not feeling well and ended up running a 102 fever and had really bad teeth chattering chills. Thankfully that passed and I felt better in the afternoon. My wife and... "

" ...was 300 minutes but as she was starting steroids before chemo she had intense chills and very cold, hbp, teeth chattering. They stopped treatments and took her to ER. They are telling us her... "

" ...u know what i mean i was just given prempro to start for relief of my symptoms I have had severe chills where i can't get flashes but the chills and teeth chattering for hours... "

" ...on clonidine cozzar and mettformin I have also had these same exact night chills accompanied by sever teeth chattering sweating and shaking ...away. I also have been diagonosed with panic attack... "

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" ...all over my body, teeth chattering. Called doc, stopped ...\"something to make the chills stop\" and dramazol?. ...expect fever (I do have a slight one) and chills (none) yet, tonight.... "

" ...the same with we think might be bronchitis. He has chills, teeth chattering but 1 thing is different then when I have ...of bronchitis? Or does he have the flu? Or what could it... "

" I didn't take any vicodin after 5pm last night. I woke up with the chills, the shakes and my teeth chattering. We called rescue and ...them slowly. I had a real hard time breathing and I ... "

" ...comes over her that she is sick to her stomach, burps, too weak to walk, she has the chills (although no fever), teeth chattering etc...she cant eat then the... "

" ...6 months post-partum.....I would have teeth chattering chills and such aches in my knees. My husband thought I was a drama queen. ( I found tylenol helps with those symptoms^) Now,... "

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