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Rigor is a tremor occurring during a high fever. It occurs because cytokines and prostaglandins are released as part of an immune res...
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213,224 conversations around the web about Chills to help you make a decision
213,224 conversations around the web about Chills to help you make a decision
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Chills & Parkinson's Disease

0.04% of the posts that mention Parkinson's Disease also mention Chills (54 posts)
Parkinson's Disease
We found 54 discussions
" ...warmed over. Full on chills, sweats, anxiety, and the ...boost from the l-dopa. There's lots of studies out there regarding dopamine agonists used for treating parkinson's and their effect... "

" Perhaps it's due to Parkinson's causing the autonomic nervous system to malfunction, sending out maybe a hot sunny day but you get cold chills running through your body - inwardly you feel co... "

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" cold, extremities going numb and/or shaking, and ...weekend here in W-S, she developed cold chills, was light-headed, and said that her ...her right hand developed Parkinson-like shakes al... "

" ...disease, during tolerance. I was kept on Klonapin and Valium for years ...was told I might have Parkinson's, ALS, or MS and the ...more meds. I still get chills when I think what could... "

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" ...My grandfather died of Parkinson's. I'm 45 and have ...when you get the chills. My arms feel a ...tell me (through examination) that I show no signs of Parkinson's through blood work, and... "

" Had my first chemo (cetuximab) on Tuesday. became violently ill Tuesday night: vomiting, chills, 102 fever. Was so tired on ready. Ever since chemo my Parkinson's symptoms have worsened, but... "

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" ...was freaked out cause I though my bed was shaking. I was able body. I ran into \"parkinson's disease and to my amasement shaking uncontrollably... I also get chills even when i'm... "

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" ...all the \"new\" drugs, like Requip, and all the other Parkinson's drugs that have just been reduced in dosage and repackaged. ...thinking about the sweats, diarrhea, anxiety, chills, etc.. in no... "

" ...night at casa del Vicky...I was in extreme pain last night and my ...the car i started having chills. I figured it was from ...was trembling like i had parkinsons and was feeling really fever... "

" Chills And Sweats, Low Body Temp ...that I had to use a self cath and had some blood ...My body doesn't exactly heal normally due to having Parkinson's Disease, it tends to be harder on my body,... "

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