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Rigor is a tremor occurring during a high fever. It occurs because cytokines and prostaglandins are released as part of an immune res...
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213,732 conversations around the web about Chills to help you make a decision
213,732 conversations around the web about Chills to help you make a decision
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Chills & Lymphoma

0.24% of the posts that mention Lymphoma also mention Chills (253 posts)
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" ...mother-in-law has been treated for lymphoma for ...chemo. Her taste has been almost as disrupted as mine. Nothing to worry about, in all likelihood, but I would mention next visit with the doc... "

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" lives with us he has lymphoma and is going threw chemo wright now, my brother ...scan today and I got sick that never happen before fever dizziness chills oh well thanks guys for... "

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" doing anything. I have chills all the time and flu ...which comes and goes but chills are here all the time.I ...somebody on forum who had Lymphoma so I can ask some... "

" ...I could have Lymphoma? Okay, So I'm ...noticed lately I'm feeling really tired and weak...Also, About an hour ago....I started having cold chills and I was shaking...This has happened before....... "

" ...a large grape. I had a painful lump under my left ...feel sick. I have had chills and night sweats occasionally over ...few months. Very worried about lymphoma or another cancer.... "

" ...some of the ymptoms of lymphoma, for a couple of months ...again. i have also had random chills from my upper abdomen to ...the right side of my neck has swollen for absolutely no apparant... "

" observed carefully for any signs and symptoms of lymphoma. I researched lymphoma and I have most of the symptoms, chills, night sweats, unexplained loss of weight, lethargy, fever. In... "

" ...however..I had no fever...but had horrid chills. and knew something was really ...being compromised..somewhat. Not having a fever for me is ...big thing with my lymphoma. part of the disease... "

" Could this be lymphoma-friends DH My friend co workers, she is a PA. ...showed internal ones, a mediastinal node. He now has chills and then night sweats. Fatigue. Shouldnt they at least... "

" no activity in my primary tumor beind the sternum and ...for. Tomorrow I see my lymphoma specialist to get his take ...Didn't help that I had a bout of nausea and chills in the docs office... "

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